Trojan Boosters Endowment—Funding athletic scholarships and investing in students

In the 26 years since it was established on April 4, 1988, the Trojan Boosters Endowment (TBE) has contributed $293,292 in scholarships to Trojan student-athletes. The Endowment has more than more than $627,417 in its corpus, earning interest for future scholarships. The TBE awards scholarships from the interest earned on the corpus, and those scholarships are awarded equitably among all sports at Trevecca.

The TBE raises funds two ways: through the contributions of its members and through its annual golf scramble.

Persons who join the TBE pledge to contribute a minimum of $1,000 within five years and make an initial $100 contribution. Those persons are considered “fellows-in-progress” until they have contributed the $1,000; then they become “fellows.” As of February 2014, the TBE has 166 “fellows” and 34 “fellows-in-progress.”

The leadership team of the Trojan Boosters Endowment invites all men and women into its membership. For more information about becoming part of this worthy effort to fund scholarships for Trevecca athletes, click here.