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Waggoner Library wins grant for digitizing University history

On Tuesday, June 3, Tre Hargett, the Tennessee secretary of state, presented Waggoner Library a check for $2,500 in fulfillment of a SNAP Grant from the State of Tennessee. Andrea Fowler, Trevecca archivist, had applied for this grant for the purpose of digitizing of much-used library resources. Fowler’s goal in this effort was to post those digitized files online so that those resources would be available to anyone who had the use of a computer and not limited to only those persons who could visit Trevecca’s Archives.
Present for the presentation were members of the Waggoner Library staff, other representatives of Trevecca, and staff members from Secretary Hargett’s office. Trevecca alumni attending were the following: Ray Thrasher, the retired director of Waggoner Library, and John and Jeanne Sugg. Ms. Sugg had worked for Secretary Hargett when she had served as the librarian and archivist for the State of Tennessee. Organizations in Tennessee can apply for a State and National Archival Partnership (SNAP) Grant “to preserve and provide access to Tennessee’s historical records, to educate and train records custodians, and to support archival program development and enhancement.”
The digitizing of Trevecca’s yearbooks is complete along with digitized copies of Trevecca’s Centennial Series of books. Additionally, Ms. Fowler will be adding digitized copies of other books related to Trevecca’s history.

These files can be accessed here.