Trevecca Career Services extends service to all Trevecca alumni. Career planning/counseling is available for those seeking career changes and career counseling is also available to teach and promote effective job search skills. For an appointment, call 615-248-1346.

The University encourages alumni to register with Experience, our eRecruiting site, which will enable users to search for job openings.

Trevecca Bridge Program

The Trevecca Bridge Program is a three-fold mentoring program with a variety of opportunities for alumni to invest in the lives of current Trevecca students.

  • Academic Mentoring: Alumni gifted in a certain subject of study could mentor students through tutoring.
  • Undecided  Mentoring: Alumni in all career fields could mentor a student how has not chosen a major and help them navigate that process.
  • Professional Mentoring: Alumni in all career fields could mentor a junior or senior in their  similar career path and help them build their professional network as they enter the work world.

If you are interested in mentoring students in one of these ways, please click here to sign up! For questions, contact Nicole Hubbs (615-248-7725) for more information.

Salary Tables

Be prepared when you go to your next interview. Know what your position should pay according to similar positions around the nation.

Websites with salary tables: