Photo of Laura Hohman

Laura Hohman

Assistant Professor of History

615-248-1415 OFFICE

  • BA, Gordon College, 2006
  • MA, Catholic University of America, 2008
  • PhD, Catholic University of America, 2016

Laura Hohman’s research interests focus on medieval, European history, particularly the religious and cultural history of the early Middle Ages. Her dissertation, Carolingian Sermons: Religious Reform, Pastoral Care, and Lay Piety, analyzes the educational and reform strategies of ninth-century Carolingians and studies how pastors were educated through a close codicological and textual analysis of pastoral miscellany manuscripts and, in particular, the sermons they contained. More broadly, her areas of interest and research touch on topics that can be categorized under the headings of: religious culture, educational systems, manuscript studies, and women’s history. She is particularly interested in the movement of ideas and beliefs, both organic and controlled, between socio-economic, gender, and vocational boundaries as well as the messages contained in relatable literary genres such as fictional stories, sensationalized hero tales or edited sermons. Despite her focus on medieval Europe, her research interests expand to the Classical, Late Antique, Byzantine, Renaissance and Reformation eras in both European and Mediterranean world contexts.