Photo of Rick  Badley

Rick Badley

Professor, Chemistry

615-248-1782 OFFICE

  • BS, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  • PhD, Oklahoma State University


After completing his doctorate, Dr. Rick Badley spent five years in research and development at Phillips Petroleum Company, where he developed catalysts that were used to produce polyethylene plastic with improved properties, and he was the runner-up for the Innovative Excellence Award, Phillips’ highest award for research. His research has resulted in six U.S. patents and a number of publications. Before coming to Trevecca, he taught in the chemistry program at MidAmerica Nazarene University for 17 years where he also served as the chair of the Department of Science, Engineering and Mathematics for 11 years. His family consists of his wife, Susan, and children, Amanda and Nathan, along with Nathan’s wife, Tanae.

Areas of Expertise

  • Primarily teaches organic chemistry, biochemistry, Issues in Science, and physical science.
  • Dr. Badley's Ph.D studies were under the direction of Dr. Warren T. Ford.
  • Doctoral research involved the development and use of heterogeneous catalysts for polymerizations and organic reactions

  • Memberships

  • American Chemical Society

  • Publications

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    5,486,584 Chromium Catalyst Compositions
    5,576,263 Chromium Catalyst Compositions and Ethylene Polymerization Processes Therewith
    5,595,953 Chromium Catalyst Compositions
    5,599,887 Chromium Catalyst Compositions and Ethylene Polymerization Processes Therewith
    5,641,842 Ethylene Copolymerization Process
    5,670,438 Catalyst Compositions and Catalytic Processes