Friday, May 7 at 9 a.m., Friday, May 7 at 3 p.m., and Saturday, May 8 at 3 p.m.

  • Masks will be required for all indoor buildings. Masks are no longer required in outdoor settings unless social distancing is not possible, but are encouraged.

  • All graduates should wear their academic regalia* to campus for their ceremony. Graduates should plan to arrive 40 minutes prior to their ceremony and choose a seat in the white chairs at the center of The Quad. Faculty Marshals will be available to assist graduates finding a seat in this area.

  • NAME CARD: Each graduate will receive a name card in the packet with the academic regalia. It is important that the card be completed on the back and that graduates bring the card to the Commencement Convocation. This card will be handed to the name reader at the podium and used to call the graduate’s name at the time of awarding of the degree.

  • Students who chose to have regalia mailed, and were unable to come to campus the week prior to Commencement can pick up their card at the Campus Store on the day of their ceremony.

  • Faculty marshals will check to make sure that each graduate has their name card when seating graduates.

  • All men will leave their caps on except during the invocation and the benediction.

  • Graduation is a formal ceremony and academic regalia must be worn as distributed by the university.

  • Do not wear anything on the outside of the academic regalia such as a corsage, sticker, button, etc.

  • Bachelor and Associate candidates should wear the tassel over their right temple, and move it to the left after receiving their diploma cover, when exiting the platform.

  • Masters and doctoral candidates should wear the tassel over the left temple.

  • Masters’ and specialist candidates will wear their hoods to the ceremony.

  • Doctoral candidates will receive instructions about their hoods from their advisers and program leaders.

  • After the benediction, the platform participants will march out. Graduates and guests will be dismissed to leave, following the recessional.

  • The University has arranged for a Gradlmages® to take photos of each graduate during the ceremony. Please view the GradImages® website to receive information about their packages. Pre-Register online to take advantage of discounts. After graduation, order online at, or call 800-261-2576.

 *Students who ordered their regalia for pickup: The Campus Store will be open starting Monday, May 3, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily to pick up regalia and name cards. The Campus Store is located on the lower level of the Jernigan Student Center. Please pick up your items before graduation day. 
*Students who ordered their regalia for home delivery: Graduates may pick up their name card and instructions from the Campus Store starting Monday, May 3, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily.
*The Campus Store will be open beginning at 8 a.m. Friday & Saturday May 7 & 8, 2021.

  • Doctoral Students (EdD & PhD): Please return your regalia, the gown and the tam, at the conclusion of the 3pm Convocation on Friday, May 7, to the designate area at the Campus Store. The Campus store is located in the lower level of the Jernigan Student Center.

Awarding of Degrees

In the awarding of degrees, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The University Provost will ask the candidates to stand. Everyone stands together and remains standing until the President and University Provost finish their comments.
  • The Provost will read a brief statement to the President who will respond and confer the degrees. The Provost will invite parents, family members, and friends to stand as their graduate's name is called and the diploma cover is received. Graduates may wish to alert them prior to Commencement.
  • The first two rows of degree candidates will remain standing and proceed to the platform, led by a faculty marshal. Everyone else is seated. As each row comes to the aisle, the marshal will ask the next row to stand as a group and move to the aisle and proceed to the platform. Degrees will be awarded by section. Associate degrees will be awarded first. Doctoral degrees will be awarded last.
  • As the candidate approaches the top of the ramp leading to the stage, he/she will give their completed name card* from the packet to the reader standing at the podium. The student will quietly speak their name to the reader, who will then announce the student's name.
  • Each graduate will wait at the top of the ramp until his/her name and honors have been read and then walk across the stage and receive their diploma folder. Graduates will pause for a moment when receiving the diploma folder from the President to have a picture taken by Gradlmages®. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees will also give congratulations.
  • Graduates will descend by the opposite ramp, have a photo taken, and then return to their original row. They will remain standing until the complete row of graduates has returned and then be seated together, as a row.

*It is important that graduates complete the name card on the back and they bring the card to the Commencement Convocation.

Additional Information for Graduates

  • Summer graduates must be within 6 hours of graduation by the end of the spring semester in order to be eligible to participate in commencement. In addition, the summer graduate must have a feasible plan for completing all graduation requirements by August 15. Summer graduates are expected to follow their plan for program completion. All courses are to be taken in summer school at Trevecca unless there is advance approval through the Office of Academic Records.
  • Traditional undergraduate students who had student loans need to schedule an exit meeting with The Office of Financial Aid. Please email or call 615-248-1242 to schedule an appointment.
  • Students who also had a Perkins loan must complete a separate on-line exit interview before diplomas will be released. Students may contact Diane Whetstone in the Financial Services office by email at for more information and to request the Perkins exit interview.
  • Diplomas will be mailed. Academic Records will have one month after the conferral date to award the degrees. For May conferrals, diplomas will be mailed out the first week of June, providing there are no holds on the student account. For August conferrals, diplomas will be mailed out the second week of September providing there are no holds on the student account. Please make sure to communicate this information with parent(s)/guardian(s) as well.
  • Final decision about implementation of the rain plan: A decision about using the rain plan will be made as soon as possible prior to the time of each ceremony. However, that may not happen until two hours prior to any of the ceremonies. In case of rain during the time of any of the individual ceremonies, only the event affected by weather will be moved to the Boone Convocation Center, for graduates only. The university will post an announcement on Trevecca's News page up to 1 hour before the ceremony, if we need to revert to this rain plan. In addition, up-to-date information will be available via the official university Facebook page and Twitter page @trevecca on Twitter.