The Career Internship program at Trevecca prepares juniors and seniors for their careers by assisting them with obtaining internships in companies and organizations offering mentoring and practical experience in their major field of study. Many academic majors require internships, but any Junior or Senior student with a GPA of 2.5 and above can earn up to six hours of course credit through interning.

To view companies currently requesting TNU Interns, register with Hire Trevecca! and search for internships.

Internship openings with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce

Students interested in learning more about internships should plan to attend an information session. They are offered twice a semester during registration time. Students planning to intern in the Spring should attend the Fall info session while students planning to intern in the Summer or Fall should attend the Spring info session.

The Process

  1. Register with Handshake
    Register with Trevecca's eRecruiting site to look for internships that have been posted by employers and to create your student profile and upload your resume.
  2. Get all the Information
    Make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator in Career Services to receive the Learning Contract.
  3. Complete the Learning Contract
    Once you’ve interviewed and secured the internship position, you must complete the official Learning Contract.

The Learning Contract

Upon being selected by a site, you must initiate a "Learning Contract." This is a contract you enter into, along with your faculty sponsor, Internship Coordinator, and your employer/site supervisor. NO internship credit will be awarded to interns if a contract is not received. The purpose of this contract is to clearly state the expectations of everyone involved. The contract is available from the Internship Coordinator of the Office of Career Services. The completed contract must be returned to the Internship Coordinator before you can be registered for the course. 

Complete sections in this order.

  1. Student
  2. Faculty Sponsor
  3. Site Supervisor

If internship is non-paid, site supervisor signs page two. NOTE: Every line of the first section (ALL phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses) of the contract should be completed, and is your responsibility to complete. Print legibly. This is how Career Services gathers info to communicate with the site. When completed, bring completed contract to the Internship Coordinator for review and signature. Distribute remaining copies to those involved. The Completed Contract is due to the Internship Coordinator by the drop/add date of the semester. This date usually occurs one week after classes begin. Once your completed paperwork is received, you will be registered for the hours.


An internship is a credit-bearing elective, or required (depending on the academic department) course, which takes place outside the classroom in an actual work setting under the supervision of a professional. Internships are offered to juniors and seniors who have completed basic coursework in their major. Internships are available within most academic disciplines at Trevecca.

In order to qualify for an internship, the following guidelines must be met:

  • You must be a Junior or Senior in good standing with the college. No student may be enrolled in the internship program if he/she is on probation.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.
  • Internships must be directly related to your major or occupational goal, and approved by a faculty sponsor in your department prior to registration. (Registration approval slips may be obtained from the Internship Coordinator in The Center for Leadership, Calling and Service.) Your employer must be willing to enter into the "Learning Contract" with Trevecca Nazarene University.

You may NOT use prior work experience as a current internship. This includes turning in a completed contract AFTER an internship has been completed - no credit can be given retroactively. For more information, contact Nicole Hubbs.


After completion of Internship hours, an evaluation must be completed from student and employer. This evaluation will be sent to site supervisors before the end of the semester by the Internship Coordinator. Both evaluations will be discussed during the exit interview and before a grade is rewarded. It is the student's responsibility to also check with their department to see if there are any other internship requirements. Once all documents required by the Internship Coordinator have been received and any other requirements of the student's department have been met will a grade be awarded. 

Introduction to Internships


It is our philosophy that job experience directly related to your chosen career field clarifies and enhances not only your educational goals, but also your future ability to secure career employment. The Trevecca Internship Program is based on the principle that significant and meaningful learning can be achieved in the professional workplace if it is a structured experience. This is accomplished through the planning of all parties involved: you, the employer, the TNU faculty sponsor, and the Internship Coordinator. Although the Internship Coordinator is available to guide you in locating possible internship opportunities, the responsibility of obtaining the internship and completing all course requirements belongs to the student.

Unit Credit Available

The credits awarded are determined according to the hours worked on site per week:

  • 10 hours per week per semester = 1 credit (55 hours total)
  • 12 hours per week per semester = 2 credits (110 hours total)
  • 15 hours per week per semester = 3 credits (165 hours total)

The Department Chairman must approve any adjustment to these criteria. You may earn a total of six hours elective credit. (Up to 3 hours per internship.)


The following items are required for the successful completion of the internship:

  • Your department's requirement (oftentimes a paper or journal in your learning experience, etc.) outlined on the Learning Contract.
  • Time Log for Internship Coordinator
  • Employer evaluation
  • Student evaluation of experience
  • Exit interview with the Internship Coordinator

Most departments utilize a "pass-fail" grade system. Hours and additional assignments must be turned in before the end of the semester. Incompletes are not given for Internships. All students registered for the internship class will be enrolled in the Blackboard course. All assignments and required paperwork will be turned in there.


Some internships are paid; some are not. Some career areas such as Music Business are almost impossible to get into without an internship. Therefore, those companies don't pay and you intern for the experience and the opportunity. But if they do not pay, they must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act. (See your contract.) Other organizations do pay depending on their intern's responsibilities. Don't let "salary" dictate your internship. Seek a company that will give you good experience and introduce you to successful people in your field. Consider this an investment in your future, because that’s exactly what it will be.

Nashville is a great market for interning. Internships are available with many companies; you just have to inquire early. Some companies contact the CSD each semester to post their available internships. To view these current postings, click here. You are encouraged to pursue an internship with any company you think will benefit your career goals. DO NOT feel limited to the online list!

The Internship Class

All students registered for an internship will be registered for class 4510 in their major (ex. BUS 4510) during the semester they are working. The class includes completing all assignments outlined in the syllabus (given out at an orientation meeting), working the required hours for the internship (3 credit hour internships require 165 work hours), completing a student and employer evaluation and having an internship exit interview with the internship coordinator.