iwork TO BECOME ►

  • A leader & a servant

  • A Mentor

  • Debt-free sooner

  • Confident & professional

  • Experienced & connected

  • An inspiration to my peers

At Trevecca, we’re committed to creating an environment where our students learn to become leaders and servants. Our students leave Trevecca’s campus well prepared to enter the workforce—competent, responsible, compassionate, and ready to serve God wherever He leads them.

One of the best tools to accomplish this goal is creating opportunities for our students to get real-world work experience before they graduate. Trevecca’s iwork program allows us to give students the experience they need to develop professionally and personally. Iwork isn’t just a part-time job; it’s a chance to develop career skills and combat student debt.

How it works

  • The Office of Student Employment will help students to find job opportunities on campus, with off-campus job partners and other employment opportunities in the Nashville area.
  • The money students earn will be used to help pay for their education, reducing the need for loans. Students get the chance to develop the skills employers want and avoid costly student loans.

Good leaders must first become good servants

An iwork job experience allows students to foster practical, personal and professional skills that can only be learned on the job. Iwork students get real world work experience, while also personally investing in the value of their education by replacing student loans with work. In general, a student who works for 15-20 hours a week for $8.50 an hour could replace a $3,000-$4,000 loan with his or her earnings over an academic year. Trevecca students who participate in iwork can become debt-free faster upon graduation than those who don’t work their way through school. 

iwork employers become mentors to quality students who are sure to impress

Trevecca iwork students aren’t your average part-time student worker. Our students are goal-driven, ready to learn professional skills that will prepare them for the future as well as avoid increased debt upon graduation. Trevecca iwork students want more than a paycheck; they want to develop personally and professionally, learn to navigate and lead in complex organizations, and learn from experienced mentors. Our iwork students will become natural recruiters for their employers and quality candidates ready to step into fulltime service upon their graduation. Employers who want to offer college students jobs that are more than a paycheck should consider becoming an iwork partner. 

Our students are our greatest gift to the world

Trevecca graduates continue to inspire us with lives they live, the dreams they pursue and the ways they help to build the kingdom after the leave the University. The iwork program allows us to invest in our students, helping them to graduate with less debt and to enter the workforce with marketable skills. Iwork jobs allow our student to develop the character necessary for quality service and leadership long after they leave our classrooms behind. 

Here's how:

  • The iwork program provides students with another “classroom” in our holistic approach to their education: the workplace. 
  • Students are actively invested in the education Trevecca provides.
  • iwork students will graduate with a greater skill set and lower student debt, enabling them to become alumni who are more capable of reinvesting personally in the next generation of Trevecca graduates.

Trevecca's iwork students get to learn from industry pros in a thriving city

A hot spot for many industries—including music, health care, technology start-ups and more—Nashville perennially tops the list of “It” cities in America. Nashville has a lot to offer—from a wide range of career paths to a culturally diverse population and incredible opportunities for networking with the best of the. Through Trevecca’s iwork program, our students will be able to get noticed by some of Nashville’s top employers even before they graduate. Local companies and organizations need part-time workers to help them achieve their goals. Through Trevecca’s iwork program, our students can work a part-time job, get real world experience and use their earnings to help with tuition costs.

How to join iwork

  1. Get Motivated! Want to get professional experience, lower your student debt or become well connected within a particular industry? Success starts with you and your willingness to invest in yourself, your work and the iwork program.
  2. Get to Work! Simply put, find a job. You can work anywhere in Nashville, including jobs with our iwork partners. Some students may be eligible for on-campus jobs. If you need assistance finding a job, visit the Office of Student Employment.
  3. Get Enrolled! Stop by the Office of Student Employment to receive an enrollment packet. This packet will include detailed info about how the money you’ll earn will help pay your tuition, as well as HR processes for on-campus workers and dates for iwork meetings and events.
  4. Stay Connected! We want to help you succeed and offer many resources to help you. Follow us on social media and pay attention to iwork emails. Check out career services board in the CSD and attend the Office of Student Employment’s professional development and networking events. Most of all, keep us in the loop about your job, including your successes, achievements or development opportunities. 
trevecca.edu/iwork | iwork@trevecca.edu