Marketing Staff

JAMIE ASCHER | Lead Graphic Designer
What Jamie does: Jamie creates logos, branding, brochures, flyers, posters, campaigns, etc.
What you should know about Jamie: Jamie survived art school, and she's had the same cat for 18 years

MANDY CROW | Manager of Content and Media Relations
What Mandy does: Mandy is the curator of content at Trevecca. She's always on the lookout for great stories and the best ways to tell them. She oversees web stories, press releases and social media content and serves as the editor of the Treveccan, the University’s alumni magazine. I also work with the media to help tell Trevecca’s stories on a bigger stage.
What you should know about Mandy: Mandy has read every one of Jane Austen’s novels, including Sandition, which was unfinished when she died.

STEPHENS HILAND | Digital Graphic Designer
What Stephens does: Stephens designs graphics for the internet, primarily for email and advertising.
What you should know about Stephens: He's an eagle scout. He also parallel-parked that one time.

RICK HILL | Graphic Designer
What Rick does: He designed the Treveccan for 10 years, several Trevecca books, the athletic media guides and the drama department performance advertisement.
What you should know about Rick: He may or may not have an entire folder of Star Wars .gifs to respond to any situation. Rick also may or may not be a Jedi.

CARRIE HOPKINS | Director of Digital Marketing 
What Carrie does: Carrie oversees Trevecca's digital media presence and generates as many quality leads for the recruitment teams.
What you should know about Carrie: "My dad and his fellow game wardens dared me to bite a live fish's head off. I did it. My dad laughed until he cried. That's what Idaho summers look like."

ANDY LOVELL | Digital Publicist
What Andy does: Andy is a part of the digital team and the content team, managing Trevecca's social media presence and its website.
What you should know about Andy: He's on a first-name basis with the fine folks at Baja Burrito. Most humans are made up of 60% water. Andy is made up of 60% fruit tea.

LOGAN NEWKIRK | Web & Digital Media Assistant
What Logan does: He created this page. Also the other page you were on.
What you should know about Logan: He won the Most Rugged Camper Award in 3rd grade at Wilderness Camp. He still carries that title.

BETSY THOMPSON | Marketing Coordinator
What Betsy does: Betsy is the project/workflow manager for all projects that involve the Marketing Department. She also manages all merchandise orders for schools and departments of the university.
What you should know about Betsy: She graduated summa cum laude from Trevecca in 2012 with a bachelors degree in graphic design. 

MATT TOY | Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communication
What Matt does (self-appointed titles): Director of watering all plants and flowers in the marketing department, director of all dad jokes, lover of dried fruit and enforcer of no driving to meetings on campus.
What you should know about Matt: Matt eradicated the color gold from Trevecca.

LEASA WILLIAMS | Director of Special Events and Conferences
What Leasa does: She oversees all of the conferences and events on the campus – internally and externally for the University. Leasa also manages the internal Facilities Calendar.
What you should know about Leasa: She was the Store Manager of the Year with Talbots in 1997.

JONATHAN WRIGHT | Lead Photographer/Videographer
What Jonny does: Jonny takes photos and videos and sometimes flies drones into trees/buildings/students. 
What you should know about Jonny: He has gone 205 0 days without a recorded drone incident.