Visitors attending commencement at Trevecca drive more than 3,000 cars onto the campus that day-onto a campus that has 1,200 regular parking spaces. If you plan to be in that group, here are some tips to make your visit to campus more enjoyable.

  1. Come early. The ceremony begins promptly at 9 a.m. Guests who arrive before 8:15 a.m. have better parking options and less wait time to get on to campus.
  2. Handicapped parking is available, but limited. Consequently, those who desire handicapped parking should arrive early enough to be directed to a parking space.
  3. Interior campus parking areas fill by 8:15 a.m. Guests who arrive after that time will be directed to satellite parking areas.
  4. Wear shoes that will be comfortable in case you have to park in a more distant lot.
  5. Shuttle Service will be available for guests who cannot walk and guests parked in satellite parking areas. Others may need to walk as much as two blocks to the inner campus.
  6. Four Entrances to the Campus will be Open:
    1. Main Campus Entrance – 333 Murfreesboro Road. Most people enter the campus this way. Expect delays as this entrance will have much of the traffic.
    2. Service Entrance – off Murfreesboro Road west of the main campus entrance, through the gates between the Boone Business Building and Trevecca Community Church.
    3. Nance Lane – off Murfreesboro Road, east of the main campus entrance. Proceed up Nance Lane; Trevecca campus personnel will direct you to the satellite parking areas.
    4. Back Entrance of Campus – Turn on to Lester Avenue from Woodycrest Avenue/Factory Street. Trevecca campus personnel will direct you to parking areas.
  7. Parking Areas:
    1. Trevecca Community Church parking Lot
    2. North Drive commuter Lot
    3. Benson Parking Lot (in front of  Benson Hall)
    4. Behind Residence Halls (Wise, Tennessee, Georgia) and along Nance Lane
    5. Tidwell Parking Lot
    6. Behind Moore Gymnasium
    7. Jackson Center of Music and Worship Arts Lot
    8. Polk Avenue Satellite Parking (the corner of Polk Avenue and Fesslers Lane)