Sophomore students are a very unique group. They face critical challenges affecting social decisions and academic progress during this second year of college. Often called the "Sophomore Slump," students feel overwhelmed with major/career decisions and confused about who they are and how they fit in to the bigger University picture. Trevecca strives to engage students by holistically preparing them to face the challenges the sophomore year presents with confidence and tools to overcome them. Our goal is sophomores will continue to develop a personal identity and purpose, solidify their academic plans progressing toward graduation.

For more information about the Sophomore Experience, contact Jennifer Neely.

Who Are Sophomores?

Defining the sophomore year is more challenging than defining other transitions. Because of the uncertainty of who fits in the category, it is important to define sophomores institutionally. At Trevecca, we have chosen to define sophomores as a developmental stage encompassing several groups of students rather than simply an academic or social classification.

  • Students returning for a 2nd year that have successfully completed their freshmen year
  • Students transferring in with 30-59 credits
  • Students (non-freshmen) that have an undeclared major
  • Students in their 2nd semester freshmen year that have completed the Life Calling & Purpose course and are highly motivated to explore certain topics or attend events offered by the Sophomore Experience. Theses students would be classified as rising sophomores.