The Logo

Official Trevecca Nazarene University Logo

The logo symbol is a powerful image evoking the culture of design and serves as the connection between the strength of communication and the different points that influence. 

The Trevecca Nazarene University logomark is comprised of two elements, the logo symbol (the shield) and wordmark (the rendering of the University’s name in its distinctive typeface). The logo symbol can be used on its own, but the wordmark must NEVER appear without the logo symbol.



The Logo Symbol and Word Mark

In 2007 the University adopted a new logo. It incorporates a shield that has a cross on it and the name Trevecca Nazarene University. The shield identifies Trevecca as a Christian institution. The outside edges of the upper and right sectional of the cross and shield are left open, symbolizing that there are different routes to the cross and different routes to Trevecca. In the name Trevecca, the right side of the V extends above the other letters in the word, reinforcing the idea that at Trevecca students are empowered to make the leap. 

1) Primary Logo Use

The purple PANTONE 269c version of the logomark is the official university logomark and should be used on the majority of marketing and communication print pieces.

2) Grayscale Logo Use

The Pantone color 447C or process black are the only acceptable grayscale versions.

3) Reversed Logo Use

The logo may be reversed out for use on dark backgrounds. 

1.) University Logo - Purple PANTONE 269c

2.) Grayscale Version - Gray PANTONE 447c

3 ) Logo Reversed Version 


The Shield

For any external marketing materials, the shield by itself can only be used when accompanied by the full Trevecca logo elsewhere in the materials. 

For on-campus signage, the shield may be used without being accompanied by the full logo.


Official University Seal

The Seal

The center of the seal contains the symbols that designate the mission of Trevecca. At the bottom is an open book, a symbol for learning and truth, and also a symbol for the Bible. Above the book is a narrow banner containing the school motto in Latin (Esse Quam Videri - to be rather than to seem). The motto emphasizes Trevecca’s commitment to truth, authenticity, and integrity. The cross indicates that Trevecca is a Christian institution, one that draws its meaning from Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

The globe signifies the University’s commitment to educating citizens of the world, people who will recognize their responsibility to the world at large and will seek to become leaders and servants in the world. The seal of the University is not to be used as a logo or campus icon. It is reserved for use primarily by Administration and is the only official seal for the University, as approved by the Board of Trustees. The seal can be used on formal documents and certificates, but it cannot be changed in any way. It may only be printed in purple, black, a screen of black, or foil stamped. 


Secondary Logo/Messaging Usage

After a great amount of research, it was revealed that most on-campus students select Trevecca because it is faith-based, has strong academics, is service- focused and in an incredible location. Trevecca decided to add a tagline that incorporates these four pillars. 

A Christian -> Faith-Based
University -> Strong Academics
In the Heart -> Service-Focused
Of Nashville -> Incredible Location

The tagline is officially trademarked through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any reference to this tagline for approved University use must include the trademark symbol. 






Unacceptable Uses of Visual Identity

Please refer to color usage on color page.

The logomark should always include the logo symbol.

The elements of the visual identity should not deviate from the official choices specified above. 

The visual identity should not be stretched or distorted from its original proportions. 

To reverse out of a photo or illustration, the area chosen for the reverse should be as dark and solid as possible, eliminating the possibility of making the logo as hard to find as Waldo was.

Do not use any former versions of our wordmark or logomark. 

















Logo Construction, Clearspace & Computation

Our look and feel is driven by use of clear space and a clean crisp look and feel.

The exclusion zone is the minimum area around the logo that must remain clear of text or any other graphic elements. The measurement is calculated by using the ‘T’ of the Trevecca logomark. 

Logo Size

Horizontal Logomark - 11⁄2” minimum width



Secondary Signatures

To download the signature of the department/program below, click the link and the file will download to your computer.