Children/Youth Performing/Creating Art Leadership Helping Others Theology/Philosophy (The deep questions) Health & Fitness The World - Government and Law Technology/Engineering Business (Marketing, etc.) Writing/Reading
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9-5 Self-Employed Entertainment Working On a Team Non-profit/Ministry On the Go/Travel Project Based
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Critical Reasoning/Analytical Thinking Exercising/Coaching Teaching Serving Creating/Designing Researching/Testing Performing Managing/Leading
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Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies

Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.S.)

Health Care Leadership and Innovation (M.S.)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Mathematics (A.A.)

General Studies (A.A.)

Creative Writing (AA)

Criminal Justice (A.A.)

Music (General and Commercial) (AA)

Songwriting (A.A.)


Musical Theatre


Recording Technology

Jazz Studies

Theory and Composition (B.M.)

Public Policy

Community and Human Services (A.A.)

Instructional Design & Technology (M.S.)

Digital Graphic Design and Multimedia (B.S.)

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (B.B.A.)

Professional Accountancy (B.B.A.)

Specialized Computing (B.S.)

Web Development (B.S.)

Business (A.S.)

Business Management (A.S.)

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration

Business (B.S.)

International Business (B.B.A.)

Pre-Occupational Therapy (B.S.)

Pre-Physical Therapy / Athletic Training (B.S.)

Personal Training/Strength and Conditioning (B.S.)

Professional Communication (A.S.)


Information Technology (A.S.)

Post Baccalaureate Programs


Leadership Studies

Creative Writing

Management (B.B.A.)

Marketing (B.B.A.)

Music Business (B.B.A.)

Information Technology (B.B.A.)

E-Commerce (B.B.A.)

Digital Multimedia Communication (B.B.A.)

Community Development (B.B.A.)

Accounting (B.B.A.)

Financial Mathematics (B.A.)

Praise and Worship (A.A.)

Organizational Leadership (M.O.L.)

Leadership & Professional Practice (Ed.D.)

Accountability and Instructional Leadership (Ed.S.)

Teaching (M.A.T.)

Special Education: Visual Impairments (M. Ed.)

English as a Second Language (M.Ed.)

Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

Physician Assistant (M.S.M.)

Religion (M.A.)

Business Administration (MBA)

Clinical Counseling: Teaching & Supervision (Ph.D.)

Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy (M.M.F.C./T.)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A.)

Worship and Church Ministry (B.A.)

Intercultural Studies (B.A.)

Graphic Design and Technology (B.S.)

Communication Studies (B.A./B.S.)

Business Education (B.S.)

History Education (B.A.)

Physics Education (B.S.)

Mathematics Education (B.S.)

Chemistry Education (B.S.)

Biology Education (B.S.)

Music Education (B.S.)

English Education (B.A.)

Theatre Education (B.A.)

Speech Communication Education (B.A.)

Religious Studies (B.A.)

Social Justice (B.S.)

History (B.A.)

Special Education Interventionist K-8 (B.S.)

Studies in Education (B.A.)

Religion (B.A.)

Information Technology (B.S.)

Elementary Education (B.S.)

Early Childhood Education (B.S.)

Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Worship Arts (B.A.)

Sport Management (B.S.)

Sociology (B.A.)

Social Work (B.S.S.W.)

Psychology (B.S.)

Physics (B.S.)

Organizational Communication (B.S.)

Nursing (B.S.N.)

Music Performance (B.M.)

Music (Commercial) (B.A.)

Mathematics (B.S.)

Media Arts and Studies (B.S.)

Multimedia Journalism (B.S.)

Interpersonal Communication (B.S.)