All new students need to submit their immunization information via our online forms. This information is only accepted via these forms.

Please note: You are required to submit this information before the start of registration.

Before you enroll in Trevecca, you need to have the following information submitted:

  • Your MMR immunization dates or titer
  • Chickenpox (varicella) disease date or immunization dates
  • Tetanus date
  • The dates of your Hepatitis B and Meningitis shots may also be required

Re-admitted students beyond two years are required to update this information.

Frequently asked questions

What is a titer?

A titer is a blood test to measure the level of defense the body has acquired after series of vaccine shots. A rise in value means that you would have defense against a certain infection if you would be exposed to it. Titers are necessary after some vaccinations to make sure that your body responded appropriately.

For how long is a tetanus vaccine good?

Generally this is good for 10 years. But, if you have a severe injury such as road-rash or very dirty cuts, you might get another injection if three to five years have gone by and depending upon the severity of the injury.

Why do I have to submit some immunization paperwork by fax if I applied online?

  • Applying through a secure website on-line is designed to hasten your admission and registration process. It is easier to input data into an electronic record.
  • On-line submission has a much greater chance of getting the information to the correct office - the clinic. Hard copies have trouble doing this.
  • Faxing a copy of your immunization records directly to the clinic verifies that what you have stated is in fact what has been done. Tennessee state law requires that we do this.


Hepatitis Waiver

Meningitis Waiver


Immunization Form