TREK Outdoor Adventure


TREK is a formational 3-day backpacking experience woven into the standard new student orientation class curriculum for Life, Calling, and Purpose (INT 1100 or "LINK"). As a class, you will travel to the South Cumberland plateau during the fall semester. This optional adventure is open to all new students enrolled for the fall semester.

This weekend trip gives students a hands-on application of curriculum taught in the TREK course as they work as a team to hike through the wilderness, set up camp, prepare food, and explore the great outdoors. It's also a chance to disconnect, reflect, and grow in a community with peers and mentors.

Check out the video below for a snapshot of the backpacking experience!

For more information, contact Megan McGhee via email or call 615-248-1627.

Note that because this trip includes a backpacking experience, the students who participate need to be able to physically endure the challenge. The trip will cover somewhere between 9-15 miles of trail within 3 days, while carrying a backpack that weighs 25-30 lbs. Trevecca will provide all of the necessary equipment and transportation. The cost of the trip is covered in a course fee applied directly to a student’s account.