School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Opportunity and innovation are driving forces in STEM-related career fields, where some of the fastest-growing jobs in the world await professionals with the right skills and training.

School of Arts & Social Sciences

In seeking God’s best plan for the future, many students discover a calling in one of the disciplines within the arts and social sciences.

School of Music and Worship Arts

Whether you’re interested in teaching music, leading worship, working in the music industry or anything in between, Trevecca has a program to help you develop your talents and reach your goals.

Skinner School of Business

Successful professionals across countless industries, in Nashville and all over the world, can trace their business expertise and development to the Skinner School of Business.

School of Education

At Trevecca, and in the School of Education, you are a person, one to whom we are committed to helping succeed at reaching your goals and making your dream a reality.

Millard Reed School of Theology & Christian Ministry

Graduates of the Trevecca School of Theology and Christian Ministry are serving Christ and the Church faithfully as pastors, youth and children’s pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, well-trained laypersons, and administrative personnel—throughout the world.

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