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Trevecca provides multiple opportunities for you to get out and get involved in something bigger than yourself. If you're looking to find a place to connect or start a club, check our list of options below.


The Trevecca Student Government Assembly (SGA) is a group of students elected to represent student interests within the Trevecca community. SGA consists of Associated Student Body (ASB) officers and the various officers of the four classes. They meet weekly to discuss issues of importance, campus-wide events, service projects and spiritual initiatives. They work alongside the Center for Student Development in providing leadership through service. 

AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association)

Trevecca’s chapter of the national organization that is “Comprised of physicians, residents, medical students, pre-medical students, health care professionals, and supporters… and dedicated to advancing women in medicine and improving women’s health.” An educational organization helping our students pursue careers in medical service and equipping them for leadership.” (from the AMWA website)

Heavens Forge (Blacksmithing)

A club organized around the share interest of blacksmithing. This provides a way for students to learn a new skill and engage with the Trevecca community.

Commuter Council

The commuter council serves our students who commute. They organize programming and advocate for commuting students for the purpose of including commuters more fully into Trevecca community.

Creative Writing Club

A club for students who hope to become better authors, poets, songwriters, etc. This is both creates community amongst students who share a common interest and provides them with education.


Trevecca’s chapter of the national organization committed to providing “Christ centered community on college campuses that lead women to fall deeper in love with Jesus.” (from the Delight website)

First Generation Council

An organization created to support and provide community for first generation students on campus in order to help them on their journey to graduation.


The Trevecca chapter of this organization that serves Middle Tennessee “FUTURO is an inclusive, college success professional development organization. FUTURO offers college and career readiness skills to meet the unique needs of Hispanic/Latino students and other underrepresented groups.”

History Club

An educational club for students who are studying, or are simply interested in, history. They provided programming such as visiting museums and having guest lectures to bolster their member’s education.

International Student Council

An organization created so serve our international students on campus. They provide programming and services to help international students navigate the visa process, access food, and form community.

K-Pop Club

A social club for fans of K-Pop. This group provides a place for students to find others who have similar interests to them. Often, these are students who might have difficulty plugging into the dominant cultures on campus.

Lightsaber Academy

A social club for students who are interested in lightsaber dueling. It’s a place for community for students with unique interests, in addition to an opportunity for students to pursue physical fitness.

Martial Arts Club

A club for those interested in practicing martial arts. This club provides students an opportunity to learn/practice a skill while pursing physical fitness.


A club dedicated to providing education on different neuro-types (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD, etc.) to the campus at large in addition to providing a space for neuro-diverse students to find community.

OCCM (Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries)

Trevecca’s chapter of an organization designed to serve members of the Orthodox Christiaan Community. They provide community for our Orthodox students as well as providing educational programming for the campus at large through events like midnight prayers and icon painting.


Walden is Trevecca’s Black Student Association. They provide a safe community for our black students, as well as education for our campus at large including sponsoring a historical marker on campus and assisting with our MLK Jr. Day programming.

Pre-Law Society

An organization created to serve our students interested in going to law school/becoming lawyers. They provide service like LSAT tutoring and informational panels.

Social Justice Club

The social justice club exists for students interested in the work of social justice. This club gives students a practical way to live lives of both leadership and service.

Social Work Club

The social work club is an academic club meant to help students prepare for careers in social work. It exists as a way of bolstering their education.

Table-Top Club

Table-Top club exists as a place for students to come together and find community through board games, card games, and role-playing games (like dungeons and dragons.) These games help students to develop skills for leadership and face to face interaction in addition to skills like strategic thinking.

Trevecca Ultimate

Our only club sport, Ultimate gives students an outlet for physical activity in addition to a community of people with like interests. This creates a space for students to learn leadership skills and teamwork. 

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