New Student Programs

Trevecca Nazarene University believes in the holistic development of students. Success is not determined solely by the academic merits of a student. Success is also measured through the spiritual, physical, and emotional maturation and development of the student. The desire is to graduate students who are successful in life in addition to their academic discipline. Developing the leadership potential of students is a critical factor in this goal. There is a specific focus on leadership and service, as indicated by the Trevecca Nazarene University mission statement. These qualities are evident from the moment a student sets foot on campus. All new students are required to take the freshman seminar course (INT 1100 or “LINK”) to effectively orient them to Trevecca life, culture, and resources. There are four foundational pieces to this integration.

  • Forming a connection
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Evaluating God’s calling (vocation)
  • Understanding leadership and service 

New students also participate in The College Student Inventory, Strengths Quest and Myers-Briggs Type indicator assessments, intentional mentoring with faculty/staff and upper-class students, class assignments on calling and vocation, and so much more - all of which are catalysts for the growth of each individual student.

Students who want an adventure-based Link class are encouraged to apply for the TREK backpacking experience.

To learn more about New Student Programs, contact Megan McGhee via email or call 615-248-1627.