Academic Programs Offered


Major Degree(s) CIP Code
General Studies AA 240102

School of Arts & Social Sciences

Department of Communication Studies
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Communication Studies BA, BS 090101
Dramatic Arts BA 500501
Film Production AS 500602
Film and Television BS 090701
Interpersonal Communication BS 099999
Multimedia Journalism BS 090401
Organizational Communication BS 090901
Professional Communication AS 090101
Speech Communication Education (6-12) BA 131331
Theatre Education (K-12) BA 131324
Department of English
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Creative Writing AA 231302
English - Creative Writing BA 230101
English - Literature BA 230101
English Education (6-12) BA 131305
Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Behavioral Science BS 301701
Criminal Justice Studies AS, BS 430103
History BA 540101
History Education (6-12) BA 131328
Psychology BS 420101
Social Work BSSW 440701
Graduate Counseling Program
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Clinical Counseling: Teaching & Supervision PhD 422899
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA 422899
Marriage and Family Counseling MMFC 511505

*Closed, currently being taught-out

Skinner School of Business

Department of Business Administration
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
OOBusiness AS 520202
OOBusiness BS 520201
Business Administration - Accounting BBA 520301
Business Administration - Community Development BBA 529999
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management BBA 520301
Business Administration - Information Technology BBA 110103
Business Administration - International Business BBA 521101
Business Administration - Management BBA 520201
Business Administration - Marketing BBA 521401
Business Administration - Music Business BBA 501003
Business Administration - Professional Accountancy BBA 520301
Business Administration - Sport Management BBA 310504
Business Education (6-12) BS 131303
Graduate Business Program
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Healthcare Administration MS 510701
Micro MBA CERT 520201
Business Administration MBA, DBA 520201
Management MS 520201
Public Administration MPA 440401
Data Analytics CERT 307101
Human Resource Management CERT 521099
Sport and Entertainment Management MS 310504

*Closed, currently being taught-out

School of Education

Department of Teacher Education
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Interdisciplinary Studies - Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-3) & ESL Endorsement* BS 131210
Interdisciplinary Studies - Elementary Education (K-5) & ESL Endorsement* BS 131202
Special Education Interventionist (K-8) & ESL Endorsement* BS 131001
Studies in Education (non-teaching) BS 131202
Graduate Education Program
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Specialist in Accountability and Instructional Leadership EdS 130401
Teaching 6-12 MAT 131205
Teaching K-5 MAT 131202
Visual Impairments Special Education MEd 131009
Curriculum and Online Teaching P-12 MEd 130301
Educational Leadership MEd 130401
English Second Language Pre K-12 MEd 130401
Library & Information Science PreK-12 MLIS 250101

School of Leadership & Interdisciplinary Studies

Major Degree(s) CIP Code
General Studies (adult studies) BA 240102
Management and Leadership (adult studies) BA 520201
General Studies (adult studies) AA 240102
Graduate Instructional Design & Technology
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Instructional Design and Technology MS 130501
Graduate Leadership
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Organizational Leadership MA 520213
Leadership EdD 130499

School of Music & Worship Arts


Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Worship Studies (adult studies) BS 309999
Department of Music
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Music (Commercial) BA 500999
Music Education (6-12)* BS 131312
Performance (Vocal)
BM 500903
Performance (Instrumental) BM 500903
Theory & Composition BM 500904
Music AA 500904
Songwriting BM 500904
Recording Technology AA 500913
Department of Worship
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Music and Worship BS 309999
Worship Studies AA 309999
Graduate Worship Program
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
African American Worship and Leadership Studies MA 300000
Worship MA 309999
Worship and Business Management
MA 300000
Worship and Leadership MA 300000

*Closed, currently being taught-out

School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Department of Exercise & Sport Science
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Exercise Science BS 310504
Exercise Science - Pre-Physical Therapy BS 511109
Exercise Science - Pre-Occupational Therapy/Pre-Athletic Training/Pre-Kinesiology BS 511107
Exercise Science - Pre-Physician Assistant BS 511111
Physical Education (K-12)* BS 131314
Exercise/Personal Training AS 301507
Department of Science, Engineering & Mathematics
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Biology BS 260101
Biology Education (6-12)* BS 131322
Chemistry BS 400501
Chemistry Education (6-12)* BS 131323
Physics BS 400801
Applied Physics BS 141201
Physics Education (6-12)* BS 131329
General Science BS 269999
Electrical and Computer Engineering BS 141001
Mathematics BS 270101
Applied Mathematics BS 270301
Mathematics Education (6-12)* BS 131311
Nursing BSN 513801
Mathematics AS 270101
Department of Technology & Design
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Computer Science BS 110701
Graphic Design BS 110803
Information Systems BS 110103
Information Technology BS 110103
Computer Science AS 110701
Graphic Design AS 110803
Information Systems AS 110103
Information Technology AS 110103
Graduate Human Performance and Fitness
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Human Performance and Fitness - Pending SACSCOC Approval MS 310505
Graduate Physician Assistant Program
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Medicine (Physician Assistant) MS 510912

*Closed, currently being taught-out

Miller Reed School of Theology & Christian Ministry


Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Religion - Professional Pastoral Ministry BA 390602
Religion - Professional Church and Community Ministry BA 399999
Religion - Professional Children's Ministry BA 390705
Religion - Professional Youth Ministry BA 390702
Religion - Professional Worship Ministry BA 390501
Religion - Professional Intercultural Studies BA 302301
Religious Studies BA 380201
Intercultural Studies BA 302301
Christian Ministry (adult studies) BA 399999
Christian Ministry AA 399999
Graduate Religion Program
Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Church and Community MA 399999
Theology and Biblical Studies MA 390699

Interdisciplinary Programs


Major Degree(s) CIP Code
Social Justice - Professional Public Policy BS 440501
Social Justice - Professional Environmental Justice BS 449999
Social Justice - Professional Nonprofit and Congregational Leadership BS 520206