Center for Community Arts Innovation

The mission of Trevecca's Center for Community Arts Innovation is to identify and solve the problems between artistic training and administrative community arts application.

In living out this mission, the center's purpose is to:

  • EQUIP arts leaders to innovatively accomplish their mission
  • TEACH the tools and techniques necessary for efficient administration of a community arts program
  • SYNTHESIZE principles, best practices, and emerging models for the management needed to operate a community arts organization
  • CREATE unique strategies for the funding and development of community arts organizations
  • DESIGN long-range vision and mission statements for community arts organizations

Trevecca University created the Center for Community Arts Innovation (CCAI) in response to the continuing education needs of community arts organizations and their leadership, management, and other builders and stakeholders.

The CCAI looks to innovation to solve the problems that arise between artistic training and the vocational application of community arts organizations. Our approach to innovation recognizes that:

  • People are at the heart of every organization’s mission
  • Optimism then guides arts leaders in the experimentation and problem solving that arises from the tension of emerging ideas
  • Finally, collaboration offers new possibilities for bringing sustainability to innovative ideas and the ongoing mission and work of any arts organization

Dr. Timothy W. Sharp

Director of the Center for Community Arts Innovation