Department of Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education collaborates with other departments on campus to offer an integrated program and provide the professional education component for teacher candidates. Candidates in teacher education have the option of completing degrees leading to licensure or degrees not leading to licensure.


The goals of the Department of Teacher Education are to assist the student in the preparation for becoming an effective classroom teacher by:


  • proffering a rigorous academic program of studies for each area of specialization
  • constructing opportunities for holistic development that is cognitive, psychomotor, social, affective, and spiritual
  • maximizing educational experiences in preparation to better serve in a technological and global society
  • immersing classroom experiences in state-of-the-art technology and practical applications


  • encouraging the setting of high academic, pedagogic, and moral standards
  • affording opportunities for field experiences in multiple, diverse settings early in and throughout the four-year program


  • designing opportunities to continue to develop Christian character and ideals
  • promoting opportunities for service to the community through being positive role models
  • establishing close interaction with faculty through small class sizes and low faculty/student ratios
  • advocating ongoing professional growth