The counseling minor is an 18 hour minor preparing individuals for the field of counseling. Courses include: Principles of Counseling, Techniques of Counseling, Marriage & Intimate Relationships, and Therapeutic Applications with Children & Adolescents. Students also choose 2 electives to contribute to their minor. Students with an interest in pursuing a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy or Counseling are advised to achieve this minor in order to prepare them for graduate school.

What our students say

"The Psychology department here at TNU is a hidden gem that needs to be on display to everyone. Unlike most schools, the psychology department here at Trevecca will show you how to apply the concepts and theories of psychology into the real world, and for those preparing to be counselors, you couldn’t ask for a better program thanks to the inception of the new counseling minor. With classes ranging from Principles and Techniques of Counseling which shows the ins and outs of counseling theories and the counseling profession, to classes such as Marriage and Intimate Relationships which gives an array of knowledge about how families, close relationships, and marriage and what to expect if you're counseling a married couple. It’s rare to find a psychology program that will challenge you, shape you, and get you excited to help others who need it most like Trevecca Nazarene University’s Psychology department." – Zach Evans, graduating May 2015

"If you plan on practicing any form of therapy later down the road, the counseling minor will be indispensable to you. You learn the basic priniciples of counseling, as well as different counseling techniques to employ in your own future practice. Along with heightening your knowledge in the counseling domain, you also gain a greater understanding of how to improve your own life. Whether it be learning how to increase your own well-being in Positive Psychology or taking Marriage and Intimate Relationships to learn how to enhance the relationships in your life and others, the counseling minor will not only help you become a better therapist, but a better person. For me the counseling minor has been absolutely incredible and has improved the quality of my own life in numerous ways."  --Collin Mathies, graduating May 2015