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This minor integrates well with, and augments, areas of study related to individual healthcare.

Apply the Concepts of Nutrition to your Discipline

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them and the relationship that exists among diet, health and disease. Students minoring in nutrition will study the link between good nutrition and good health as well as how nutrition is the conduit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The nutrition minor integrates well with academic disciplines that relate directly or indirectly to the healthcare of the individual, regardless of age, since nutrition provides an important piece of the holistic approach to one’s healthcare. The nutrition minor is intended to augment an already existing declared major in another discipline, such as exercise science, biology, nursing, psychology or social work

This minor helps expand a student’s knowledge of nutrition as it applies to their given discipline. 

The program includes focused coursework on nutrition-related topics across the human life span, including maternal and children’s nutrition, healthy aging nutrition and community nutrition.  

When choosing nutrition as a minor for a bachelor’s in exercise science, students will experience coursework in core science classes, as well as in topics such as behavioral science statistics; therapeutic modalities; human growth and development; abnormal psychology and sociology. The exercise science core curriculum requires each student to complete two unique practicum experiences in order to interact with therapists in various clinical settings and gain exposure in the field.

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

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Financial Aid & Costs

Financial Aid & Costs

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Here are additional details about the nutrition minor: 

  • The courses are offered completely online, making this minor an attractive opportunity for students who have limited time availability 
  • 16 credit hours
  • Courses are offered on an alternating year basis for a total of four semesters
  • Courses are offered in fall/spring only, with no courses being offered in the summer 
  • There are no prerequisites for any of the nutrition courses; students not seeking a minor may take only the courses that interest them.

Career Opportunities

Earning a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or another major with a concentration in nutrition is an excellent foundation for a wide variety of jobs in many different settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and for state and local governments.

Minoring in nutrition augments students’ learning in other majors where a basic knowledge of nutrition could enhance their job performance or client treatment (for example, having knowledge of nutrition may help counselors as they treat clients with eating disorders). 

Students with an interest in nutrition or those who desire more knowledge in the subject will find this minor an asset in their course of study.