Due to an expanded partnership with Tree of Life, textbook rentals for students will be included in Trevecca’s tuition starting with the Fall 2016 semester for main campus, traditional undergraduate students. Workbooks and consumables will also be included in the student’s order, but the purchase price of these consumables will be charged to the student’s account. If students do not want to keep the consumables, they can return them to the Campus Bookstore for a full refund within the first seven days of the semester.

Although the cost of books is included in tuition, students should anticipate the possibility of additional fees being charged for supplemental online course material access. Access fees are approximately $150-$200 per course per semester. The fee is set by the book publisher and is required for students enrolled in specific courses, most commonly (but not limited to) science and mathematics.

Effective with the Fall 2016 semester textbooks for traditional undergraduate students will be included in tuition.  Federal regulation does allow for students to opt out of the free textbook rental program if students wish to purchase textbooks on their own.  Please contact the Office of Student Accounts for more details.


  • In a survey of more than 2,000 college students in 33 states and 156 different campuses, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group found the average student spends as much as $1,200 each year on textbooks and supplies alone.
  • According to “Turning the Page,” a June 2013 report on the textbook market from the Lumina Foundation, “approximately 30 percent of college students do not purchase textbooks required for specific classes.”
  • The U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a progressive research and advocacy organization, found in a survey that 65 percent of college students had at some point decided against buying a college textbook due to its high price. Of that group, nearly all —94 percent—had concerns that their decision not to buy the book would affect their grades.
  • The survey also showed that almost half of respondents —48 percent —said they factored in textbook costs when deciding how many or which classes to take.


Will these books be new?
Some textbooks will be new: others will be gently used. Books must be in good shape and a recent edition to be used as free textbook rentals.

Are “textbooks” the required books? What about other required materials, like access codes, or workbooks? Are those covered?
Most required textbooks are rentable items and are included for free. There are a few required items, like workbooks, access codes and other consumables, that will also be included in the student’s order, but the purchase price will be charged to the student’s account. If students do not want to keep these items, they can return them to the Campus Store for a full refund within the first seven days of the semester.

Do I get to keep textbooks, or do I have to give them back at the end of the semester?
In order to provide textbooks at no charge, the textbooks will be used again for future students. You will have a five-day window at the end of the course during which you can return the books. If you wish keep a textbook, you can make arrangements with Tree of Life to purchase them. Any books not returned during that five-day timeframe will be charged to the student’s account. 

Am I allowed to highlight/mark in the textbooks?
Yes. Highlighting and notes are acceptable.

What happens if I lose a textbook?
Treat these textbooks as if you’re renting them. If you lose a textbook, you are responsible for the cost to replace it.

How will traditional main campus students receive their books?
Books for on-campus, traditional students will be packaged, delivered and available for pickup at each student's respective residence hall.

What if a student drops or adds a class in the first weeks of the semester?
Students who change classes will need to bring the corresponding books to the bookstore and new books will be ordered for the new course.

Are textbooks included in tuition for everyone, or just those who live on campus?
Textbooks are included in tuition for all students enrolled at Trevecca’s main campus. This includes commuters to the main campus, traditional undergraduates.

As a commuter, how do I receive my books?
Commuter students may pick up their books at a location that will be clearly designated.