CLEP and DSST Testing 

College credit in specified areas may be received through the CLEP and DSST standardized testing 
programs. Visit for more information on CLEP. Visit for more information on DSST. 

Course Equivalency Credit 

Course Equivalency Credit, also known as life-learning papers, identifies significant learning from 
past experiences for which the student has had no formal training. The student must articulate the 
experience and learning outcomes. Papers are typically 15 to 20 pages in length and may earn a 
maximum of 3 credit hours. 

Professional Schools and Training Credit 

In partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, the American Council on 
Education, and the National College Credit Recommendation Service, Trevecca awards credit for 
learning which has occurred through professional schools and training programs which have been 
evaluated for college-level credit. In the event that no credit recommendation exists, students have 
the opportunity to take the Documenting and Describing Learning course, ITD3000, to receive credit for non-
traditional learning. Students will work with an advisor to enroll in the aforementioned course upon admission to an adult studies program.   

Military Training 

Credit may be given for military education. An official record of the training is required and may be 
obtained at

Questions? Call your academic advisor for more information.