The My Plan to Pay Worksheet is used as a tool to help guide you and your family to determine any remaining balance after reviewing charges and financial aid. The My Plan to Pay Worksheet is an estimate, additional charges may be incurred (i.e. fines, print charges, additional course fees, etc.) throughout the year increasing your original balance. The worksheet should be completed each year.

The Financial Commitment Form is to be completed by all students. It is a contract to be signed that commits the student to an agreement to pay the university for all costs incurred while in attendance. Payment may come in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, or personal payment.

Please complete the Financial Commitment Form as well as the My Plan to Pay Worksheet, keep a copy for your records and email a copy to

Financial Commitment Form

My plan to pay worksheet 2019-20

My plan to pay instructions 2019-20

Cost of Attendance 2019-2020

  Fall Spring Annual
Tuition (12-18 hrs) $12,599 $12,599 $25,198
Rooms $2,225 $2,225 $4,450
Meals $2,225 $2,225 $4,450
Student Resource Fee $450 $450 $900
Total Cost $17,499 $17,499 $34,998

Cost of Attendance 2018-2019

  Fall Spring Annual
Tuition (12-18 hrs) $12,349 $12,349 $24,698
Rooms $2,100 $2,100 $4,200
Meals $2,100 $2,100 $4,200
Student Resource Fee $450 $450 $900
Total Cost $16,999 $16,999 $33,998


Additional Payment Options

Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Credit based loan available to parents of dependent students. Interest rate is fixed at 7.595% and payments begin 60 days after full disbursement of loan. Parents must complete a credit check annually and a master promissory note the first time the loan is taken out. Parents may request an in-school deferment from lender. Parents should list the annual amount they would like to borrow when completing the credit check. Failure to list an amount may cause a delay in processing. Parents should go to to complete PLUS credit check and Master Promissory Note.

Alternative Loan

Credit based loan available to student. Alternative Loans are secured by the student, terms and conditions of the loan vary depending upon lender and loan. In some instances, the student may need a credit worthy cosigner to receive approval. For more information or to make application go to

Monthly Payment Plans

All undergraduates have the option of signing up for an interest-free payment plan with our partner organization, TouchNet, as an alternative to paying the full amount due at the beginning of each semester. The details for these payment plans are as follows:

  • Fall Semester ($40 enrollment fee)
    6 month plan: July 15 – December 15
5 month plan: August 15 – December 15

    4 month plan: September 15 – December 15
  • Spring Semester* ($40 enrollment fee)
    6 month plan: December 15 - May 15

    5 month plan: January 15 - May 15

    4 month plan: February 15 - May 15
*Students that are graduating or taking summer courses should plan to make their last spring payment early or contact the Financial Services Office for alternate arrangements.

Students should confirm the budget amount for each semester by completing the “My Plan To Pay” Worksheet estimator.

To Enroll with TouchNet

  • Sign on to TNU4U with your TNU username & password
  • Click on the “Student Account Center” link
  • Choose “Enroll in a payment plan”

It is a priority that the student re-enroll in the payment plan each semester. This must be completed to have the option for monthly payments, and it is the student’s responsibility to re-enroll.


Other questions regarding your student account balance?
Please contact the Financial Services Office at 615-248-1242 or e-mail us at

Questions about new student (incoming freshmen and transfers) financial aid?
Please contact Randy Kinder in the Office of Admissions at 615-248-1324 or email