Phi Delta Lambda

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Phi Delta Lambda was founded in the 1940s as the international honor society of the colleges and universities of the Church of the Nazarene. Trevecca’s Phi Delta Lambda chapter, Zeta, is comprised of graduating seniors with a GPA of at least 3.80 and who are in the top 15 percent of their class. An induction dinner is held the Friday before graduation when each recipient receives a certificate of membership and a Phi Delta Lambda Zeta chapter pin to wear at graduation

The organization has a dual purpose: to create an atmosphere of scholarship and camaraderie among graduates in the academic institutions of the Church of the Nazarene as well as promote ideals of academic achievement, character and Christian service. A love of wisdom and commitment to righteousness are also emphasized above all else. It is the hope of Trevecca that the students who achieve this distinction will embody these characteristics with fervor as they leave The Hill and move on to whatever God has called them to next.

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A PDL Endowed Scholarship fund has been established to yield scholarships to high achieving, outstanding junior class members who are also first-generation college students. Selected recipients must have a GPA of 3.75 or higher. Recipients must also demonstrate the PDL tenets of wisdom, righteousness, and service.

2022 Phi Delta Lambda Inductees

The highest academic honor bestowed upon undergraduate students upon graduation is induction into the Zeta chapter of Phi Delta Lambda (PDL), the international honor society of the Church of the Nazarene. Inductees are graduating seniors representing the top 15% of their class. Zeta chapter inductees will receive a Certificate of Membership and the Phi Delta Lambda pin to be worn on student regalia during graduation. Congratulations to each one receiving this honor! 


  • Grace Noel Abrams
  • Isabella Grace Agee
  • Mia Shell Arseneau
  • Lindsay Linnay Augustine
  • Alexandra Clayton Behnke
  • Gabrielle Marie Berkes
  • Cheryl Renee Bolen
  • Katy Anne Bridgforth
  • Sonya Sue Brown
  • Victoria Rylee Burchfield
  • Katherine Louise Carter
  • Abigail Marie Colquette
  • Elizabeth Marie Cook
  • Benjamin Lee Davis
  • Amy Earnest
  • Anam Fatima
  • Alyssa M. Gardner
  • Alaina Brooke Goode
  • Mariam Akram Fayek Hakem
  • Allison Brooke Hall
  • Isabel Bronte Hampton
  • Brett Belinda Harrell
  • Kendall Marie Healey
  • Janie Payton Hoffman
  • Daniel Caleb Hosny
  • William Stephen Huckaby
  • Sarah Elise Huffman
  • Morgan Michele Jennette
  • Moira Nicole Kurtz
  • Elizabeth Landin
  • Jewell Ariel Langdon
  • Brooke Janess Lay
  • Lacey Myers Leatherland
  • Maria Katharina Elisabeth Lindberg
  • Madison Nicole Malone
  • Sydney Elizabeth McCormick
  • Alayna Grace McCreary
  • Sydney Rose McGowan
  • Anna Danielle Mitchell
  • Jady Ann Moses
  • Meagan Renee O'Banion
  • Yaneth Perez Casique
  • Megan Kimberley Richardson
  • Caroline Grace Rooks
  • Katherine Faith Russell
  • Melinda Kay Sanchez
  • Leah Nicole Seier
  • Elizabeth Suzanne Sims
  • David Lyndon Smith Jr.
  • Darby Taylor Stark
  • Carli Grace Tharp
  • Rachel Elizabeth Thompson
  • Matai Rayne Trampe
  • Mia G. Turner
  • Leilani Hope Victor
  • Kaylee Jordan Villarreal
  • Howard Andrew Vosburgh
  • Joshua N. Walchle
  • Shiyi Wang
  • Abbye Brooks Whitfield
  • Aimee M. Whittenburg
  • Erica Janelle Wigart
  • Melissa Rose Wood
  • Ann Marie Atef Youssef