Since 1901,

Trevecca has not only helped students grow their career potential, but has helped them grow personally and spiritually as well. Students at Trevecca take part in a full realm of activities and community life to help them excel. From academics to athletics, from spiritual to social, Trevecca’s community strives to be a place where students can earn their degree and find success in all areas of life.

Students and staff alike find community at Trevecca in many ways. From annual events to weekly chapel, different backgrounds and cultures are brought together to encourage growth, community and fellowship.

Annual Events: 

Take part in a paint war or compete in a campus wide voice competition judged by professionals in the industry. Relax at a movie in the quad or contend for an intramural championship. Lead your class in worship or run for class president. At Trevecca, the opportunities to grow and challenge yourself are endless. In a place where all are welcome and community is key, you’ll find yourself right at home among your Trevecca family.

Academic Community: 

You’re here to earn your degree and grow your knowledge in your chosen field. At Trevecca, you’ll find our entire community is dedicated to your success. We offer free tutoring, leadership and service opportunities, interview preparation, internship placement, leadership development programming, majors chapel, writing services, majors events and more in order for you to network, connect and find community in your future career.

Faith Community: 

At Trevecca, we believe faith should be the foundation and center of all things, including higher education. That mission is woven into the fabric of the Trevecca experience: courses which help students to discern their life calling and vocation; professors who help them grapple with what it means to be a person of faith in their area of study; mentors and friends who pray with them and walk alongside them on their faith journey.

Trevecca is intentional about providing opportunities for students to be formed into Christlikeness and believes these practices are ways the grace of God is poured into their lives, preparing them for a life of leadership in and service to our world.

International Community: 

Studying at Trevecca doesn’t always mean studying at Trevecca. This university offers its students a chance to learn on campus and in Nashville, but also around the world. Our students have been able to travel and see the world in many different facets, including studying abroad, international mission trips, international educational projects and domestic educational trips.

Our Campus: 

Our campus is home to over 1,000 residents and has plenty to offer students - grab a coffee at Ninteen|01, one of Trevecca’s on-campus coffee shops, or head down to the Hub to grab a bite to eat and play some pool. Our athletics facilities give students the chance to play sand volleyball or work out at the gym. So whether it’s just hanging out in a student lounge or at the pavilion or heading to the latest theater production in Benson Auditorium, there’s always something happening on campus.

Our City: 

You’ll find Trevecca in the heart of Nashville, located only one mile from downtown. Our location gives students a chance to surround themselves with history and step into a community to learn, grow and serve. With many different off campus volunteer opportunities, our students are able to see the city from different perspectives and help shine God’s light in different areas. Our exciting urban location is great to explore - from Music Row to waterfall hiking to Opry Land - you’re sure to find something you love.

Wherever you find yourself at Trevecca, whether it’s in the café, at chapel or in class, you’re sure to find yourself among students just like you who are looking to, not only earn their degrees and pursue higher education, but push themselves to grow further in all areas of life.