Mission, at its very core, is living out the call of the gospel – To love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that God is at work, renewing all of creation, and invites us, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to do the same. Trevecca Around the Globe seeks to catch a vision of God at work in the world and take part in the redemptive story He is writing for the world.

In the words of David Livermore, we view “our trips as an integral part of our lifelong journey of following Jesus, rather than just a two-week project.”

2019 Trips

Kyiv, Ukraine

Date: June 16-30 | Cost: $2,850 (Some additional visa cost if students are not traveling on a US passport.)

Purpose: The Kyiv TAG team will come alongside Kyiv First Church to reach out to their local community by hosting neighborhood outreach and summer projects. This team would also help us pull off a makeover in our church basement by transforming it into a creative youth ministry space/coffee bar. This project will involve some painting and creative decorating projects.

Sponsors: Jon and Kathy Mowry


Nairobi, Kenya

Date: May 12-30 | Cost: $2,990

Purpose: The Nairobi TAG team will stay at Africa Nazarene University while working alongside ANU students to do outreach and compassionate ministries in the city and surrounding area.

Sponsor: J. P. Nyadaro



Puerto Rico

Date: March 2nd-9th (subject to change in near future based on flights) | Cost: $1,294 (approximately)

Purpose: Last August we heard the devastating news of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. This year, we're excited to send a team to partner with a local Nazarene church in their continued efforts to care for their community. This team will join with the church in continued disaster response and their work to renovate and rebuild areas of their community that were devastated by the flooding.

Sponsors: Levi Osborne


Tijuana/San Diego Border Educational Trip

Date: March 2nd-9th (subject to change in near future based on flights) | Cost: $1,573 (Approximately)

Purpose: This team will be partnering with The Global Immersion Project on The Immigrant's Journey Immersion Trip. Immigration has become one of the most conflict-inducing, polarizing issues within our country. In this Immersion Trip, we find ourselves in the middle of injustice, pain, collective suffering, celebration, hope, and reconciliation as we learn from & with US Americans and Mexicans who are actively pursuing peace.

The Immigrants’ Journey Immersion Trip is a formational and educational trip that: 

  • Immerses you into the human story of immigration giving you access to otherwise inaccessible people and places. 
  • Compels you to move the topic of immigration from a polarizing, political issue to a human, social issue and teaches you how to care for the strangers in your midst the way that Jesus did. 
  • Trains you in the creative and costly work of everyday peacemaking by exposing you to some of the best peacemakers in the world embedded in the borderlands of San Diego/Tijuana.

Global Immersion Project’s website: https://globalimmerse.org/

Sponsor: Jamie Casler


*All applications must be completed and submitted by Tuesday, November 20th, 2018.

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