Mission, at its very core, is living out the call of the gospel – To love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that God is at work, renewing all of creation, and invites us, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to do the same. Trevecca Around the Globe seeks to catch a vision of God at work in the world and take part in the redemptive story He is writing for the world.

In the words of David Livermore, we view “our trips as an integral part of our lifelong journey of following Jesus, rather than just a two-week project.”

2019 Trips

Atlanta, Georgia

Date: October 11-15 | Cost: $250

Purpose: Students will explore the city and partner with the Salvation Army, the church engaging social injustices, in various ministries such as working with homeless families and children, aiding in addiction recovery, and helping with the working with at-risk kids at the Boys and Girls club and touring Salvation Army Angel tree ministry. The students will also be the home and museum of MLK Jr.

Sponsors: Jamie Casler and Terri Neville



2020 Spring Break Trip

El Paso, Texas

Date: March 7-15 | Cost: $1,300 (approx.)

Trip Description: This trip would include work with the NCM center the CON is establishing in El Paso called "Mission El Paso." We will work on establishing a community garden with this ministry. We will also spend a day sightseeing and a day on a guided tour/experience of the US/Mexico border.

Sponsors: Lindsay & Jamin Wentworth




2020 Summer Trips

Dominican Republic

Date: May 16-24 | Cost: $1,550

Trip Description: This team will participate in a construction project for missionary housing as well as engage in ministry at various Child Development and Compassionate Ministry Centers. The sightseeing day will include tours of historic Santo Domingo.

Sponsors: Janice Lovell and Mark Cancia




Manchester, UK

Date: May 5-18 | Cost: $2,990 (approx.)

Trip Description: This trip would include working primarily with a local urban church in the greater Manchester area and with Nazarene Theological College. Students will experience ministry in a post-Christian, urban, poverty-stricken area in the Northwest of England. Some manual labor/light building work (painting, cleaning, gardening, etc) may also be a part of this trip. In addition, educational trips to various sites around Manchester will enhance the historical/social contextual understanding of the students. 

Sponsors: Kathy & Jon Mowry


Johannesburg, South Africa

Date: June 14-29 | Cost: $2,900 (approx.)

Trip Description: This team will be working to update the water system at Nazarene Theological College along with some painting projects. They will also work with local churches in the area to participate in community outreach, ministry to students and other areas of service. 

Sponsors: Mike Jackson and Jamie Cathcart





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