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Stephen Silliman

  • Dean, School of STEM
  • School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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Stephen has enjoyed a teaching and research career of more than 35 years, including significant periods of time at the University of Notre Dame and Gonzaga University prior to joining Trevecca. He is a civil engineer and hydrogeologist who has contributed to a number of studies focused both on the movement of water and contaminants in groundwater systems and on how best to work with students in pursuing their future careers. He thoroughly enjoys pursuing courses and field studies in truly interdisciplinary teams ranging from the technical sciences to the social sciences and education.

A significant part of Stephen's career has been focused on his international studies performed in collaboration with his students, his professional colleagues (and their students) in Haiti, Benin, and select locations in East Africa and local populations in both urban and rural settings.  This work has provided him with ongoing opportunities to seek reflection of God's creation in the people, nature and geology that he continues to encounter through his teaching and research efforts.

Select Representative Publications

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