J.O. McClurkan Scholarship

The J.O. McClurkan Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for students who exemplify high academic success as well as leadership and service. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated hard work through their high-school careers and will have touched the lives of others through different areas such as community service, leadership opportunities, extra curricular activities and more. 

The History of the Scholarship

The J. O. McClurkan Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship in honor of Trevecca’s first president, Reverend J. O. McClurkan. Rev J.O. McClurkan served from Trevecca’s beginning in 1901 until his death in 1914. Recipients of the full-tuition scholarship embody the spirit of Rev. McClurkan which is best described by the simple phrase, “He Lived for Others.”

J.O. McClurkan

To apply for the J. O. McClurkan Scholarship, students must have a 29 or higher composite score on the ACT (1340+ RSAT) and a 3.5 or higher GPA. We encourage students that meet these academic requirements to apply to the university at www.trevecca.edu/apply and submit the McClurkan scholarship application. The application for 2019-2020 will be available beginning July 1, 2018.

The top candidates will be invited to campus for the McClurkan Scholarship Day. As we celebrate the academic achievements of these hard-working, driven, high-achieving students, we also give them the chance to experience the campus and interact with fellow scholars. Students who are invited and attend will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with professors in their intended field of study, tour the campus with current students, and interview with Trevecca’s Academic Deans and members of the President’s Cabinet. This V.I.P day is tailor-made for these exceptional students.

Being selected to compete at McClurkan Scholarship Day enters students into the prestigious category of "McClurkan Scholar." These individuals are the best and brightest, and as such McClurkan Scholars have opportunities afforded them that are unique to their status. Additionally, McClurkan Scholars receive special recognition at the time of graduation from Trevecca. These are the elite academic students within the university. 

Scholarship Information: 

  • Full tuition 
  • 29+ ACT Score (1340+ RSAT)
  • 3.5+ GPA
  • Apply to Trevecca and submit McClurkan application 
  • Scholarship Day

Download the application

2018 McClurkan Scholar

Melissa Wood is from Broomfield, CO. She spent her years in high school participating in numerous mission trips. As a member of Crossing Church of the Nazarene, Melissa has traveled to Memphis, Baton Rouge, Mexico, Kenya, and Jamaica to help those in need. She has also been heavily involved in gymnastics since the time she could walk and finished her senior year as the team captain. Melissa plans on entering the Pre-Occupational Therapy program while at Trevecca.

—Melissa Wood (class of 2022)



Past Scholars' Stories

Brianna Corbett has been very involved in community service in her hometown of Ventura, Calif., and has also gone on several mission trips to La Mision, Mexico. During all four years of high school, Corbett was a member of the Company Show Choir. She was an AP scholar during both her junior and senior years. At Trevecca, Corbett plans to major in commercial music. In the future, she plans to pursue a career as a contemporary Christian worship leader and songwriter.

—Brianna Corbett (class of 2021)



Mattie Clemmons lives in Florence, Alabama. In high school, she served as the SGA chaplain, band president (both her junior and senior years), was the trumpet section leader for all four years of high school and is a member of the National Honor Society. Clemmons plans to major in social work at Trevecca and is passionate about serving Christ through her future profession.

—Mattie Clemmons (class of 2020)



Mary Anna Turpin is from Wahiawa, Hawaii. She is actively involved in community theater, Eta Sigma Alpha (Homeschool Honor Society), and was a 2016 Military Child of the Year Semifinalist. Turpin plans to graduate from Trevecca in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in international business.

—Mary Anna Turpin (class of 2020)



Brooke Roller is from Schaumburg, IL. During her time as an Honor Roll student at James B. Conant High School, she was involved in the National Honor Society, Student Government, Political Club, and participated as a cheerleader. In addition, she spent her time serving as a member of her youth group at Mission Church. Brooke plans to graduate from Trevecca in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. 

—Brooke Roller (class of 2019)



Sydney Burdge is from Columbia City, IN. While attending Columbia City High School she spent her time on the track and volleyball teams. Sydney was also involved in the Latin Club, Student Government, and the Yearbook Committee all while graduating in the top 10% of her class. She is excited to be at Trevecca, as both of her parents are alumni of the school. In 2019, Sydney plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. 

—Sydney Burdge (class of 2019)



"Being a Physics major and a McClurkan scholar, I was initially skeptical of the academic side to a small school like Trevecca. After my first two years, I was very excited to see not only how academically rigorous Trevecca was, but how important my education was to the professors. With Trevecca being a small university, professors are able to provide more attention and detail to my individual learning experience. I am beyond thankful to be attending Trevecca with its amazing staff."

—Jordan Van Nest (class of 2018)


"Being at Trevecca has been an incredible journey for me, both academically and personally. My professors and supervisors have helped me to discover my passions and potential in life and driven me to do my best in everything I do."

—Alycia Alsbrooks (Class of 2017)









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