School of Education Partnerships

Educational partnerships between Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Education Provider Programs (EPPs) provide a powerful means for enhancing student achievement and cultivating a culture of collaboration. Serving in the role of an EPP, Trevecca, in conjunction with many districts across the state, function as an important component of the Tennessee Department of Education’s strategic plan to strengthen educator development. 

In 2014, The State Board of Education revised Educator Preparation Policy 5.504.  This policy requires EPPs to develop formalized partnership agreements with district partners, also known as LEAs. Partnership agreements with LEAs fall under two categories:  Primary Partnership Agreements (PPAs) and State Recognized Partnership Agreements (SRPAs).  Both types of agreements detail how EPPs and LEAs will collaborate to ensure that candidates meet the district needs (demographic and skill-specific) as well as how educator and instructional leader candidates will participate in high-quality clinical experiences.

This page contains links to the most recent PPA and SRPAs between Trevecca and the named district. Also contained on this page are the screening and planning tools EPPs and LEAs utilize when conducting their annual review or while monitoring continuous improvement efforts.  Lastly, links to the TDOE partnership website and Professional Development opportunities for educators and administrators are included.


State-Recognized Partnership Agreement

Primary Partnership Agreement

Wilson County

Tennessee Department of Education Partnership Information

Screening Tools

Professional Development