Center for Human Flourishing

The Center for Human Flourishing is a Trevecca initiative that equips Tennesseans for the work of human flourishing and holistic poverty alleviation. Through ongoing trainings, online resources and yearlong cohorts, the center resources frontline workers and leaders who are engaged in the work of reducing dependency and increasing upward stability for individuals and families across the state.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the center is:

To equip leaders for holistic poverty alleviation and assist the thriving of all Tennesseans.

The vision of the center is:

Working together, we can grow capacity and reduce dependency in the lives of individuals and families.

About the Program

The Center for Human Flourishing was established through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Human Services. To effect change as a resource for poverty alleviation, Trevecca utilizes two of its greatest strengths: its passion for helping the underserved, and its ability to provide accessible, meaningful educational opportunities.

The center is utilizing a two-pronged approach to equip individuals and organizations with the tools for holistic poverty alleviation and human flourishing:

  • Free online resources: Self-paced modules will be offered through the center to train individuals and provide a training certificate upon completion. Additionally, online trainings and group cohorts are in development to further resource local leaders across the state of Tennessee.
  • In person trainings: The center will also provide individual trainings and conferences across the state of Tennessee to invest in local leaders and organizations.

Jeremy Height of Trevecca Community Church serves as director of the Center for Human Flourishing. Trevecca Associate Provost Jim Hiatt is the principal investigator for the state grant.

“Uplifting vulnerable Tennesseans to a place where they no longer need government assistance goes beyond simply providing the service. Trevecca’s Center for Human Flourishing introduces an approach centered on holistic well-being, addressing the barriers to self-sufficiency that aren’t as tangible as traditional services.”

Clarence H. Carter Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Human Services

Get Involved

To get involved in the center’s meaningful work in poverty alleviation, email us at

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee