Information Technology Services

Students and employees should follow the steps below to gain access to Trevecca's IT services.

STEP 1: Change your password

To setup/change your password please go HERE.

  1. Your network username will comprise your first initial, middle initial and last name.
  2. Your initial network password will be 12 digits long; comprising the uppercase letter "T", the lowercase letter "r",  and the last 4 digits of your SSN followed by the last 6 digits of your student ID number.
  3. Once you have logged in to and registered for self-service password reset, you will be redirected to the Office 365 Home Page where you can then set up your own network password. 
  4. To setup/change your password, click on the gear in the top right hand corner and click on Password.
  5. It will require you to enter your initial network password and then a newly created password by you. Please adhere to these password guidelines when creating your password:
    Standard 1
    1. Standard 1 is for the majority of students and faculty/staff
    2. Must be at least 12 characters long
    3. Can have any kind of characters in it such as uppercase, lowercase, numbers, or special characters. You do not need to have all 4 types and it will accept any combination of these as well.
    4. Will never expire

    Standard 2
    1. Standard 2 is for anyone in the following groups: Domain Admins, ITS, Cabinet Members, Financial Aid, Accounting Office, Human Resources, Pioneer staff and 1901 Manager. This also includes the ITS Student Workers (SW) at the Helpdesk, Finance SW, Cafeteria SW who work the register and all 1901 SW.
    2. Must be at least 8 characters
    3. Cannot use any part of your name or username (3 letters or more in a row)
    4. Must contain the following characters: uppercase, lowercase, number and a special character.
    5. As a security measure, your password will expire every 90 days. You will be required to change it (can't use same as previous 4 passwords).
  6. If it repeatedly does not accept your password and continues to give you the “password does not meet necessary requirements” error, please try a different browser.
STEP 2: Connect to Secure Wireless

While on campus, all Trevecca related sites are accessible through Secure Wireless (this includes MyTrevecca, Blackboard, Citrix, etc.), so you must be connected to the Secure connection. Click one of the following device/platform type options below to view instructions for connecting to Secure Wireless.

STEP 3: Log on to the MyTrevecca portal (

Use your new and password to login to the portal which gives access to:

  • Trevecca Email
  • Class Schedule
  • Award Letters
  • Financial Information
STEP 4: View the Acceptable Use policies

Please read the Acceptable Use policies in their entirety to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions.

If you have any issues with the above steps, please call the HelpDesk at 615-248-1223 or email us at


Contact information

Phone: 615-248-1223

The Information Technology Services Help Desk is located in Waggoner Library, main floor. 

Mailing Address:
333 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37210