Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry Overview

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry is a fully online program providing adult students the opportunity to complete a college degree in a schedule and format particularly designed to meet their unique needs. The curriculum’s major emphasis is to prepare persons for various areas of Christian service by developing

  • a holistic mindset
  • a missional vision
  • servant-leadership skills
  • ministry competence

Special attention is given to helping individuals adapt their study to their personal calling and where it fits into the world where ministry takes place. Faculty members are well-equipped and eager to help you develop strong competencies for ministry success and for making positive contribution in your profession and to society.



Program Cost

Program Length Extra Info

$391/credit hour

$50/class technology fee



Books not included

Online: 20 months 

Course descriptions

Minor Options

Earn Credit from Prior Learning

Questions: Lucas Phillips 615-248-1529 
Financial Aid questions: Marcus Lackey 615-248-1427 

Admission Process

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Send in your transcripts  
  3. You're done!

We'll take care of the rest. Once everything is in order, we'll extend to you a formal invitation to join our program!

Admission Requirements 

  • Have earned a grade point average of 2.0 for all academic work completed.
  • Attain the minimum age of 23, OR minimum age of 21 with an associate's degree, OR minimum age of 21 with significant work experience.
  • Have prior (transfer) credit of a college English course (grade "C" or higher), OR CLEP test, OR pass a writing skills assessment.