If you are interested in deepening your understanding of the effects of human actions and relationships on families, commerce, and wider society, a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science may be the right path for you! 

The Behavioral Science major at Trevecca seeks to assist students in developing a Christian worldview, a compassionate spirit, and holistic perspective that will prepare them for meaningful service in behavioral sciences or other related fields. Students interested in behavioral science research, personnel management, human development, counseling or related human social services, and secondary level teaching might choose a Behavioral Science major.

The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science is offered to allow students who wish a broad background in Sociology, Psychology, and/or Anthropology to obtain such study which is applicable to a variety of career fields as well as graduate work in the Behavioral Sciences. The Behavioral Science major is an interdisciplinary program with a core of foundational courses in both Psychology and Sociology.