"...see how science can be integrated with your own personal faith."


If you are interested in pursuing a career in life science, biology is the perfect path for you! Whether you are looking to enter the medical field or want to learn more about how science impacts the modern world, Trevecca's Bachelor of Science in Biology program will get you where you want to be. 

The biology major gives students a broad range of classroom and laboratory experience to prepare them for success in their chosen career or in graduate, medical, or other professional programs. Trevecca’s newly-renovated laboratories and research-grade equipment give students valuable hands-on experience, and its faculty work closely with students in both the laboratory and in the classroom. Faculty research interests include cancer biology, genetics, urban ecology, and environmental science.

What our students say

"Being involved in cancer research at Trevecca has challenged me to think critically and to look at problems from many different angles. Because I want to work in the medical field and "fix people's problems," I am thankful for the opportunity to do research. I believe that my Trevecca training will help me to be a much more effective and thoughtful healthcare provider in the future."

Anna-Laura Garrow
Biology Major

"As a sophomore in high school, I knew I loved chemistry. When I saw the passion and spark in Professor Alisha Russell, I realized how much I loved biology as well. I was blessed with the opportunity to join a new cancer research group with Dr. Russell last year. My experience with this group helped me be accepted into a highly competitive internship for chemistry at the University of Kansas."

Briana Corzine '14