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Business Management (associate degree)

Trevecca’s Associate of Science in business management is a flexible degree program that provides a solid foundation in business fundamentals, including modern economics, marketing, accounting, finance and organizational management. For students with no prior college experience, this program can be completed in as little as 28 months, and you’ll be equipped with a well-rounded education and the communication and critical thinking skills you need to succeed.

Program Benefits

  • Complete your degree at a flexible pace that fits into your busy schedule.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities available in the exciting Nashville business market.
  • Enjoy our small class sizes and supportive campus community.
  • Learn from faculty who possess high degrees in their fields, who have relevant and valuable real-world experience, and who make an effort to know you personally.

What to Expect

Trevecca’s Associate of Science in business management program is the perfect solution if you don’t have time to attend classes every day, or if you are looking for a good place to start while exploring the next steps in your career or continued education. This degree program allows you to earn a foundational education that is accredited, affordable and flexible.

You’ll learn about marketing fundamentals, organizational management and the global business environment’s influence on modern economics. The coursework not only prepares you to succeed in the business world, but it also benefits you in everyday life as you strengthen your communication and critical thinking skills.
Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared to enter the business world as an effective servant leader, or you can choose to transition seamlessly into one of our four-year programs such as the Bachelor of Science in business or the Bachelor of Arts in management and leadership.

Why Choose Trevecca?

Founded in 1901 and a leader in online education for more than two decades, Trevecca helps students discover and pursue an individual calling by providing innovative instruction; cultivating a supportive, Christ-centered community; and establishing relationships that open doors.

2024 #2 Online College in Tennessee, intelligent.comRecognized nationally and locally for academic quality, Trevecca has earned a reputation for providing the world with servant leaders, problem solvers and difference makers. Trevecca’s holistic approach to education encompasses intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

As a Christian university, we’ll view business fundamentals through a biblical lens. We are committed to helping our students enter the business world as servant leaders.

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Course Descriptions

Get details on all the courses you’ll complete as you work toward this degree at Trevecca.

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Financial Aid & Costs

Financial Aid & Costs

Nearly every student at Trevecca receives some form of assistance in paying for college. Learn all about the affordability of a TNU education and options for receiving aid.

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Here’s a look at the approximate tuition rates you could expect for this program at Trevecca, including the cost per credit hour and the total tuition expense for the full degree program. Please note that rates and fees are subject to change.

Here’s a look at the approximate tuition rates you could expect for this program at Trevecca, including the cost per credit hour and the total tuition expense for the full degree program. Please note that rates and fees are subject to change.

Cost/Credit Hour




Tuition Cost*


*$150 Student Resource Fee assessed per course. $150 estimated book cost per course.

Admissions Policy

To be admitted to the AA and AS degree programs offered through the The Office of Graduate and Adult Education, students must:

  1. Complete online application.
  2. Complete FAFSA or appropriate reimbursement or payment plan agreements.
  3. Provide proof of high school graduation or the completion of high school equivalency through GED certification, the HiSET exam, or the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion).
  4. All students are expected to have some proficiency with computer technology. Reliable access to technology will be required through the program.
  5. Submit confidential Medical Health History and Immunization Forms to Trevecca's Student Health Clinic prior to registration (see Immunization Information entry at the end of this section). Applies only for students enrolled in face-to-face courses.
  6. Provide photocopy of government-issued identification (e.g., driver's license, state ID, military ID, passport). This requirement ensures that Trevecca complies with the U.S. Department of Education expectations for student verification.
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Career Opportunities

With an Associate of Science in business management, you can use your foundational knowledge of business management in roles like account management, human resources, office management and more. You can also move easily into a four-year degree program and continue your education.



Course Descriptions

Get details on all the courses you’ll complete as you work toward this degree at Trevecca.

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Cohort Schedule

View a sample schedule of the courses you will be taking when you enroll.

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College Study Skills
ITD 1060

This course empowers adult learners to make the transition back into education in the college environment. Learners will be introduced to communication, self-motivation, and critical thinking skills necessary for academic success at Trevecca Nazarene University.

Communication and Technology for College
ITD 1300

This course encourages adult learners to use technology as an effective communication avenue to research and present information for life and learning. Learners will gain experience with technology tools, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, that can be used throughout the student's coursework to create documents and presentations and communicate those appropriately to academic and professional audiences.

English Composition I
EGL 1100
EGL 1100 emphasizes the tasks and skills associated with formal essay writing. The course splits the essay-writing process into achievable milestones in order to increase students’ writing proficiency. Additionally, students complete grammar exercises in order to improve their familiarity with the rules of standard English prose. Finally, students read canonical essays as examples of good writing, engage in peer-review exercises, and complete a number of devotional discussion assignments.
Fundamentals of Business
BSN 1200
This course provides an overview of the fundamental practices and issues involved in managing and operating a business in today’s marketplace. Areas of business explored in this course include various management theories, economic concepts, management and organization, human resources, sales and marketing, and operations. The course also examines the challenges of operating in both domestic and global markets, business ethics and business strategy.
English Composition 2
EGL 2100

Builds upon existing knowledge of basic constructs and research skills for academic writing. Intellectual and analytical reasoning will be emphasized in continual research practices and writing throughout this course. Grammar mechanics will be consistently practiced through peer review methods. The course will conclude with strategies for research and reasoning applied to the Bible.

Fundamentals of Mathematics
MTH 1240
The purpose of this course is to instill a deeper understanding and appreciation of mathematical procedures for the student with limited mathematical background. In this course, we will learn the rules that govern natural numbers, integers and rational numbers. We will implement the mathematical tools needed in algebra and statistics to manipulate equations, inequalities, algebraic expressions and graphs. Additionally, the course will explore how math is viewed in a biblical worldview.
Christian Worldview
RLG 2100
Examines a Christ-centered biblical worldview as the basis for living a distinctly Christian life. Students will focus on evaluating ideas, values, and processes in personal and professional situations and developing the belief structure to orient themselves within their time and place in history and eternity.
Introduction to Economics
BSN 2140

This course is an introduction to the study of economics and its impact upon society. Key historical economic theories are introduced along with fundamental economic concepts. Key microeconomic topics covered include the concept of scarcity, supply and demand function, production, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and perfect competition market structures. Macroeconomic topics include classical macroeconomic theories, basic fiscal and monetary policy and the instruments used to implement them, the economic cycle, inflation, and unemployment.

Introduction to Psychology
PSC 2300

This course serves as a general overview of some of the fundamental concepts in the field of psychology.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply psychological principles to everyday life, including personal, social, and organizational issues.
  2. Identify the theoretical foundations of the major areas of psychology, including human behavior, cognition (thought, memory, perception), learning, personality, social and environmental influences, development, and physiology of behavior.
  3. Explain the major theories and concepts of development throughout one’s lifespan.
  4. Recognize the significance and importance of psychological research.
World Literature
EGL 2200
EGL 2200 is designed to engage students in dialogue with a variety of Western and Non-Western world literature, past and present. The course samples literature from around the world and splits the essay-writing process into achievable milestones to increase students’ writing proficiency. Additionally, students engage in discussion exercises and complete a number of devotional discussion assignments. Finally, students will complete a final exam in order to demonstrate their mastery of texts and their ideas.
Organizational Management
BSN 2050
This course will involve the study and application of the science and theory behind particular cognitions, attitudes, and techniques that are used to predict and manage human behavior within an organizational setting. The core methodologies covered include theories of motivation, cognitive psychology, leadership theories, ethics, performance management, team management, and organizational development.
Leadership and Service
ITD 3010

Examines principles of leadership and service as a basis for living a meaningful life. Students will focus on evaluating their opportunities and responsibilities to influence and serve in personal, professional, and community situations and developing the foundational skills to enact change for good within their sphere of life.

Accounting Methods
BSN 2200

Accounting Methods will provide learners the opportunity to learn basic managerial accounting processes such as product and service costing, profit planning, capital investment analysis, flexible budgeting and financial statement analysis. Special attention will be given to the use of computer applications to perform analysis and make decisions.

Career Success
MHR 2700
Designed for students who seek to develop their personal career development for the purpose of job seeking and advancement. Students will work on resumes, mock interviewing, social media, networking and professionalism as it relates to their personal and professional goals.
Introduction to Finance
BSN 2400

This course will provide opportunity to learn basic finance principles linking financial markets, institutions and investors. An overview of the flow of capital will be explored from the corporate perspective, including topics such as interest rates, stocks, bonds, risk and return, the time value of money, and the cost of capital.

Fundamentals of Marketing
BSN 2420

This course is designed to provide students with a general background in marketing concepts using business. Concepts include identifying consumer needs and positioning the right marketing mix to address them.

Life Science
SCN 1600

This course is designed to convey methods of study in the biological sciences. The laboratory portion of the course is designed to provide students with hands-on experience to some of the concepts discussed during lecture (NSES A, B, C, E, F).

Personal Finance
MHR 2800

An introductory course to basic personal financial principles. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, the following: budgeting, managing personal debt, insurance, taxes, and investments.

Business Speech
MHR 3050

Designed to help the student develop and strengthen skills in public speaking. Public speaking theory and principles will be covered so that the student not only will be a more effective speaker but will be able to appreciate effective communication skills in others.

Business Case Study
BSN 2850

This course requires the student to utilize much of what he or she has already learned in previous courses and gives them the opportunity to apply that knowledge to the solution of an actual business issue in an organization of his or her choice. The student will identify a significant business problem or issue in an organization that they know well. The student will examine the issue using the knowledge they gained in previous courses and examine the related business literature to identify and make appropriate recommendations to address the problem or issue. This course will culminate in a written case study exploring the identified problem, the relevant literature, and the proposed recommendations.

*For a complete list of courses, tracks and other relevant information, view the program's course catalog.