"I was constantly pushed to think critically and expand my horizons."

- Zane Cooke '11
Physics and Chemistry Double Major

When Trevecca chemistry majors graduate, they leave well-prepared to use their degrees to serve God and impact the world around them. From analytical chemists to research scientists, our graduates are grounded in their faith and ready to excel in a variety of careers, graduate programs and more. 

Extensive hands-on experience is an important component of a Trevecca education. Students in our chemistry program have the opportunity to participate in research projects in catalyst development, computational chemistry and other areas designed to fit your individual interests. Within this program, you’ll also have access to our newly renovated facilities and state-of-the-art equipment without sacrificing your values or beliefs.

By earning your degree in a strong Christian community, you’ll have to opportunity grow your knowledge of the world around you, expand your perspectives and strengthen your belief system.

At Trevecca, we want your education experience to be as unique as you are, that’s why all of our students within the chemistry program have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professor, complete original research projects and tailor your projects and studies to fit the areas you are most interested in.

A degree in chemistry from Trevecca will not only expand your knowledge of the field, but will help you to grow your research skills and future potential.  

What our students and faculty say

"Trevecca has a unique atmosphere that allows one to develop into a self-learner by fostering a supportive, but challenging educational experience. The support by faculty was excellent.  I knew my mentors personally and it was evident that they were invested in my success.”

Zane Cooke '11
Chemistry and Physics double major

"Trevecca effectively prepared me for the work that I'm doing this summer by providing me a solid foundation upon which the researchers at Northwestern are already building.  Familiarity with basic science concepts has made my life easy here. My chemistry and physics courses have exposed me to the technology of liquid chromotography, ultraviolet spectroscopy, and even X-ray defraction. Cancer research led by Dr. Russell made me feel comfortable with cell cultures, aseptic techniques and instruments, such as the vortex and cell tissue culture hood- all of which are involved in the X-ray chrystallography, which is the focus of my summer at Northwestern."

Anthony Dikhtyar '14
Biology and Chemistry double major

"One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is the hours spent in lab when I can really get to know students and work with them one-on-one."

Rick Badley, Ph.D., Chemistry