Data Analytics Certificate

Ever wonder how your social media likes end up influencing the emails you receive? Or how Google knows what you’re about to search for? Welcome to the world of data analytics. Organizations of every type and size need data analysts to identify and interpret data—discerning what drives success and failure, stagnation and growth. Students pursuing this certificate will develop the ability to design data projects, analyze and collect relevant data, and make decisions based on it that help that data tell a more complete story.

Upcoming Start Dates:

Jul. 12, 2022
Sep. 27, 2022

Program Benefits 

  • Learn from faculty who possess the highest degrees in their fields and have relevant and valuable real-world experience.
  • This master's-level certificate is made up of just 3 courses and can be completed in 18 weeks. 
  • This master's-level certificate is entirely online and can accommodate your busy schedule! 
  • If a student elects to enter the MBA, MPA or MAOL program after earning the certificate, these courses could be applied to their program of choice. 

What To Expect 

When you earn your certificate in data analytics, you will have a deeper understanding on how to apply data in a variety of fields. Throughout the three courses, you will learn to apply analytic practices to the business world, process data for decision-making applications, and design, lead and manage real-world data projects. Innovative and strategic approaches are generated by an integration of Biblical principles and business concepts. 

Cost of Certificate

$1,400 per course + $100 tech fee per course

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Financial Aid & Costs

Financial Aid & Costs

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Required Courses

Introduction to Data Analytics
This course will expose students to the data analytic practices executed in the business world. Students will explore such key areas as analytical processes, how data is created, stored, and accessed and how the organizations will work with data and to create environments in which analytics can flourish. This course will provide students with a strong foundation in all the areas that support analytics and will help students to better position themselves for success within their organization.
Processing Data for Decision Making
Students will be exposed to a number of analytical techniques originated in related fields of statistics and business. Applications of each of these techniques for decision-making applications will be explored. The use of other data analytics software will be also explored.
Leading Data Analytic Projects
Students will individually design a data analytics project that can be leveraged in the business world. Students will be equipped to design, lead and manage real-world-data analytic projects.