"Understanding history is a vital part of embracing our future, and Trevecca understands that."


Historians, along with political scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists, believe that our perceptions of people different from us in time, space, and culture are built upon our understanding of our own social, historical, and political experience. That is why the History department is a part of the Social and Behavioral Sciences umbrella: one’s understanding of history shapes one’s perception of, interaction with, and reaction to the present. 

History majors at Trevecca have access to a rich variety of courses on ancient to modern societies around the world. Most of the courses are set up as small, interdisciplinary, seminar-style classes, with an emphasis on primary source analysis. History majors will be taught how to think and write critically and effectively; they will be equipped with useful research skills and encouraged to participate in classroom discussions and debates. As a result, the skills of a historian are widely applicable to a number of fields. 

Our program is dedicated to preparing our students for the workforce and/or graduate school and we believe that our students can excel in a variety of professions such as: teacher, lawyer, historic preservationist, archaeologist, museum administrator, librarian, archivist, journalist, think tank researcher, and all levels of government service. 

The program also offers Pre-Law advising, which is often (but not necessarily) organized around a History major with a Public Policy minor or a Criminal Justice minor. Each student is counseled to choose a course of study tailored to meet his or her particular interests, which will maximize his or her chances of gaining admittance to law school and successfully completing graduate work in legal studies.

What our students say

"Understanding history is a vital part of embracing our future, and Trevecca understands that. Whether we are continuing the story of our nation or the story of our God, knowing our victories and failures will help us to overcome the trials that lie ahead. Trevecca teaches that. History is important and Trevecca has students and professors dedicated to uncovering and preserving our past."

Chris Catoe '16