Trevecca's international business concentration is designed to prepare students to effectively engage in our increasingly globalized business world--whether they do so with large corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, or in the not-for-profit sector. This unique program's business core will provide you with foundations in economics, accounting, finance, management, marketing, law, and quantitative analyses while including courses that will increase your cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

Your coursework will reflect the diverse business world you're entering.

Core courses in this concentration include International Business, International Marketing, International Economic Development, Cross-Cultural Communication, and a foreign language selection. Relevant electives are available from both the social sciences and business. 

You can spend a semester abroad.

We offer several single-semester study-abroad programs in cooperation with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. If you do not wish to spend an entire semester overseas, Trevecca also sponsors several mission trips per year that provide students with ministry opportunities as well as a chance to participate in valuable cross-cultural experiences in a two-week time frame.

You'll be a part of a diverse student community.

Not only are Trevecca students moving across the world, but the world is coming to Trevecca. Our increasingly diverse student body includes students from at least 22 different countries. Enjoy a cup of coffee in Trevecca's NINETEEN|01 coffee shop and explore what it's like to live and do business in Korea, China, Honduras, and many other countries—without ever leaving Nashville. 

Industry Demand for International Business Degrees

Published January 3, 2012 by Linfield College Online Education Blog

With countries’ economies more interconnected through the global markets, many businesses are seeing an advantage to hiring individuals with an international business degree. In addition to being well rounded and knowledgeable of the business field, these employees have a highly prized focus—one that is global. Understanding the broader world in which we live is becoming a more and more relevant and valuable skill in the job market.

Students and professionals who are interested in broadening their horizons by living and working abroad can usually find a niche for themselves, no matter their degree or background. However, international business students may find they are more attractive candidates for a job if they have a degree with an international focus, along with demonstrated interested in the global economy. Students and professionals alike would do well to combine travel and work experience with their international business degree.

International Business Curriculum