Do you have a baccalaureate degree and want to be a teacher? You can earn a teaching credential through our Post Baccalaureate programs.

Do you want to add an area of endorsement to your teaching credential or take courses for license renewal? Contact us today about the reduced tuition Post Baccalaureate courses.

How do our programs prepare you to be an effective teacher? In our programs you will:

  • Learn proactive classroom management strategies and techniques to create a safe, effective learning environment;
  • Write lesson plans and teach those lessons in a classroom. Your lesson plans will be based on standards and best practices, and you will receive feedback from a professor and cooperating teacher in order to mature as a teacher. During some practicum experiences and during student teaching you will collect and analyze student learning data just as you will in your own classroom;
  • Learn to make accommodations for exceptional learners, and strategies for teaching a diverse classroom including low socioeconomic schools and English language learners;
  • Learn how to teach reading in the early grades, in the late elementary grades, or as an integrated strategy within content areas;
  • In your practicums and student teaching, demonstrate content knowledge such as mathematics, history, English, etc. — all part of a strong liberal arts education;
  • Take methods courses designed to teach you best practices for the grade levels you will be licensed to teach. These methods will include a variety of technologies and current curriculum within local school districts; and
  • Student teach a minimum of 15 weeks in a local school with the supervision of a cooperating teacher and the mentoring of a supervisor.


  • Elementary Education K - 5
  • Early Childhood Education PreK - 3
  • Business Education 6 - 12 (additional concentration in Marketing)
  • Biology Education 6 - 12
  • Chemistry Education 6 - 12
  • English Education 6 - 12
  • History Education 6 - 12 (additional concentrations in Economics, Government, and/or Geography)
  • Mathematics Education 6 - 12
  • Music Education 6 - 12
  • Physical Education K - 12 (additional concentration in Health)
  • Physics Education 6 - 12
  • Special Education K - 12
  • Speech Education 6 - 12
  • Theatre Education K - 12


If you are interested in our Post Baccalaureate programs, please contact Dr. Amy Conditt at (615-248-1561) or fill out an application today!