Letter from the Dean

Thank you for considering Trevecca Nazarene University as the place to continue your education. As dean of the School of Education, I want to share several reasons our students and graduates choose and continue to choose Trevecca:

First, Trevecca's graduates achieve higher-than-average success in their careers and deeper satisfaction in their lives.

Second, our students work in cohorts and classes that create a lifetime network of personal and professional relationships.

Third, our faculty authentically cares about your success, not only in your education while you attend Trevecca, but also in your career in the years ahead of you.

Fourth, Trevecca's technology and buildings have modern amenities, are well designed and cared for, and offer the latest technologies.

Fifth, even if you are not sure what you want to do or be, the School of Education is equipped to help you explore your own potential and find what is best for you.

Finally, at Trevecca and in the School of Education, you are a person, one to whom we are committed to helping succeed at reaching your goals and making your dream a reality. My door is open to you. I look forward to welcoming you to Trevecca.

Suzann Harris, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Education

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