School of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies

Developing skills for strong, service-based leadership has long been one of Trevecca’s greatest achievements in higher education. In uniting and formalizing the programs and courses most specifically devoted to this mission, the School of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to enhance and strengthen leadership studies, create innovative approaches to leadership and provide opportunities for students to become true agents of change.

Building leaders in today’s world requires qualified expertise and an ongoing study of effective leadership in all its forms. The dynamic instruction offered through the School of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies excels in both areas, thanks to an informed, devoted team of program leaders and instructors. Their pursuit of knowledge encompasses not only historical research, but lessons gleaned from real-world events and the study of the great leadership theorists of our time. Relaying that knowledge in a supportive, encouraging, inspiring atmosphere, the faculty helps students discover leadership potential that can be applied in any number of industries and disciplines.

Preparation for effective servant leadership is the primary goal for several programs that span all degree levels at Trevecca. These include the Doctor of Education in leadership (Ed.D.) program, the Master of Arts in organizational leadership (MAOL) program and the Bachelor of Arts in management and leadership (BML) degree-completion program. Leadership courses required for other degree programs are also led by faculty in the School of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies, ensuring that students in all areas of study at Trevecca acquire foundational skills for becoming leaders in their respective career fields. Trevecca’s master’s degree in instructional design and technology is also part of the leadership school.


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