Coronavirus (COVID-19)


  • Active cases: Actual current cases where a student, faculty or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. All statistics reflected here include both student (traditional, remote and non-traditional/graduate) and employee data. 
  • Isolation: A student, staff or faculty member has tested positive for COVID-19 or is displaying symptoms. Individuals in isolation will stay at home or away from the campus community for a recommended period of time. Restrict activities to your residence. 
  • Quarantine: Those who have been exposed to COVID-19 should quarantine. This means staying home and away from others for a recommended period of time in case you are infected and contagious. Quarantine becomes isolation if you later test positive for the virus or develop symptoms. At Trevecca, ensuring the safety of our campus community is paramount. High quarantine numbers reflect the University’s decision to take decisive action to protect our students, faculty and staff by quarantining all who have been exposed (had contact for more than 15 minutes with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 at a distance of six feet or less) or are exhibiting symptoms. 
  • Exposure: You have spent more than 15 minutes with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 at a distance of six (6) feet or less.

COVID Care Team

The Trevecca COVID Care Team helps to keep the campus community informed about COVID-19 protocols and procedures and streamline the process of handling suspected or confirmed cases. While any student who is experiencing COVID symptoms or tests positive MUST contact the Trevecca Clinic, the COVID Care Team can handle general questions from the Trevecca community in regard to best practices, University protocols and more.

To get more information about our processes related to COVID, please call 615-248-7737 or submit questions and comments using our contact form.

COVID-19 Update - Spring 2022

Based on current trends, CDC guidance and the conditions in Nashville related to COVID-19 cases, Trevecca has modified its mask policy to require face coverings in all indoor spaces on campus, with the exception of designated eating areas and residence halls. Outdoors, good judgment is encouraged in densely populated gatherings.

Trevecca’s group gathering and social distancing guidelines are consistent with those of the city of Nashville.

All members of the community are expected to continuously assess their level of wellness. As a reminder, if an employee is not feeling well, specifically experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, Trevecca expects that they do not report to the campus and, as appropriate, seek medical attention. Any individual, regardless of vaccination status, developing symptoms consistent with or concerning COVID-19, should contact the Trevecca clinic for instruction; the clinic can be reached by email or by phone 615-248-1261.

Trevecca will continue to make every effort to provide a safe campus for our community. Two key components that will assist with this effort are for medically able community members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and for those that are experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19 to refrain from being on campus or in group settings.

TNU Guidelines

Find campus guidelines for Trevecca's spring 2022 semester here.

Trevecca's COVID-19 Education Guide

Reliable and helpful information answering student questions about COVID-19—from what a vaccine does, to how a virus works, to how faith and fear shape our COVID response—can be found on Trevecca's COVID Education Guide. Compiled by TNU faculty in their areas of expertise, this video-based resource allows you to gain knowledge and have your questions answered. The guide can be found here.