"The opportunity to explore personal projects or get involved in faculty work at Trevecca is second to none. I was given autonomy and responsibility that no other school would give."

Trent Sexton '16 
Civil Engineering

Trevecca physics students benefit from one-on-one interaction with faculty inside and outside the classroom, a nurturing Christian environment and broad liberal arts curriculum. We offer an academically rigorous curriculum that can be tailored to fit your calling.

As part of Trevecca’s 3-2 engineering program with Vanderbilt University, the applied physics major seeks to provide a broad foundation which prepares for success in engineering or other technical fields. Upon successful completion of the program’s requirements during three years at Trevecca and one year at Vanderbilt, an applied physics degree is awarded by Trevecca. An engineering degree is awarded by Vanderbilt after completion of the degree requirements for the chosen engineering discipline. Although the applied physics major is primarily intended for 3-2 engineering students, there is also an option to complete the major at Trevecca.

Within the physics and applied physics majors, students work closely with faculty on research and engineering design projects. Coupled with a rigorous classroom experience in a broad range of science and mathematics classes, this hands-on interaction gives our students unique opportunities for developing expertise in a broad range of engineering disciplines.

Earning your degree in a strong Christian community means you’ll be grow your education and worldview, without sacrificing your beliefs and values. Our small class sizes allow you to focus on different research, projects or assignments on a deeper level.

The physics faculty have obtained corporate and government funding which supports an active undergraduate research program at Trevecca. More details about our Near Space Research program and our Magnetic Imaging research can be found at the physics website. Hands-on experience gained at Trevecca has allowed our students to excel in summer research and continue their education at highly-competitive graduate and medical schools.

Concentrations in the Major

  • Physics
  • Pre-Engineering

What our students say

"The ability to be completely involved in projects like the double pendulum--from conception, to fabrication, to analysis--was pretty amazing. I was never doing throwaway work at Trevecca. The professors really put the work in the students' hands ... The trust the faculty place in their students is exceptional. From projects like diode laser spectrometry to the nuclear magnetic resonance machine, I always felt like I was given a meaningful role in research."

Trent Sexton '16
Civil Engineer

"The 3-2 program is an amazing and rare opportunity and was an invaluable experience. Being able to pair a strong Christian university like Trevecca with a highly distinguished and historic university like Vanderbilt was an incredible college path for me. I found that the more time I spent with my professors and advisors outside of class, the better. The guidance and preparation really helped make the challenging curriculum successful and rewarding."

Nathan Wright '10
Civil Engineer
Cornette Engineering Services, Franklin, Tenn.