Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." At Trevecca, we want to help you discover your calling and love what you do, whether it's accounting, running a non-profit, HR management, or whatever business you're most passionate about.

Trevecca's Department of Business Administration offeres two degree paths: a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science in business. The B.B.A. route allows you to choose concentations in various fields, from community development to marketing. A Bachelor of Science in business offers more flexibility to those who are not drawn to any of the B.B.A. concentrations. 

Our school and professors maintain relationships with the Nashville business community and beyond. These relationships often lead to exciting internships and job opportunities for our graduates.

We want our students to have hands-on, real world business experience in their chosen field before they land their first job. That's why internships are required or strongly encouranged in all of our B.B.A. and B.S. programs. Our industry connections insure those internships count for something.

Most of our professors hold the highest degrees in their fields and have industry experience. Many have earned industry-specific certifications and honors. Our small class sizes mean that our professors are also mentors, sharing their experience and expertise with you.

Our graduates go on to pursue a wide variety of business career paths, from accounting to community development. Additionally, many of our students already have jobs lined up before graduation. 

Models of ethical decision making are explored from a Christian perspective with one of these simplest yet profound models being the single question: "What would Jesus do?" Faith is appropriately integrated into the classroom through guest speakers from the Christian business community and through devotionals and prayer led by the business faculty.

Available concentrations: 

What our students say

"I love the Skinner School of Business and Technology's focus on servant leadership and integrity. These principles - instilled in me by my family and then affirmed by my education at Trevecca - have had an incredible impact on my career. When God called me to Trevecca 22 years ago, I had no idea that, that impact was going to last a lifetime."

Holly Miller Whitby '95
Owner, Clever Village, Inc.
Adjunct Professor, Skinner School of Business and Technology

"In my experience as a business student, the professors demonstrated Christlike love to me, which was one of the most important aspects of my experience there. The professors were very encouraging through good and bad times. They prayed for me and even challenged me to do the very best I can. One of the most valuable things I learned from the program is the communication aspect of business. I would not be where I am now in my personal and professional life without that."

Angelo Tate '13