Trevecca's concentration in management is purposefully holistic. The program focuses on essential management principles such as leadership, quality, operations, human resources, databases, and spreadsheets. This unique program also provides our students with a full business curriculum—equipping them with the necessary foundations in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, law, and quantitative analyses. 

You'll graduate with a broad range of business know-how.

A management degree will provide you with one of the broadest career platforms possible. You will be exposed to every major facet of business, while built-in electives will allow you the flexibility to explore additional areas such as entrepreneurship and communications.

You will be prepared to lead.

At its core, management involves human interaction. That's why our program guides you to explore human nature. We also integrate biblical principles into our understanding of what it means to lead in current business contexts.

Your internship will matter.

Internships provide all students with the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge into practice. With 40,000 employers in Nashville looking for interns, many turn to Trevecca. You'll get on-the-job experience in the business world well before you graduate. 

Your professors will know and mentor you.

Our small class sizes give you the opportunity to truly get to know your professors, as well as seek their guidance about classes and career paths. The vast majority of our faculty are full-time Trevecca employees, so connecting with them outside of class is easy and convenient.

Your job choice is limited only by your imagination.

Recent graduates are in careers ranging from banking to health care, and from franchising to manufacturing. Several have even started their own small businesses. You'll be in good company!

Choose a rewarding future with a B.B.A. in Management from Trevecca!

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