Getting Ready for Campus

Congratulations! You are coming to Trevecca and we are sure you have questions on how to prepare for college life. Visit our Admitted Students page to find information on orientation, housing, and more.


Residence Halls

This will be home, so you'll want to be prepared for what living on campus in a residence hall will be like. You'll find all you need to know about moving into dorm life.

Tip: We recommend waiting to buy the larger items until you get to Nashville that way it'll save on luggage space. You can even rent a minifridge and bed lofts. Nashville caters to college students so there are plenty of stores stocked with any and every residence hall item! Here are some FAQ's for Residence Life!

Dorm life is more about being on your own away from family. It is about creating your space and learning how to live in harmony with someone else and those around you. Resident Directors and Resident Assistants do their best to make you feel at home by getting to know you, always being available for you, and creating fun ways to know and grow with others.” – Yarida Urbina, Honduras

Social Engagement

Trevecca is committed to providing education for leadership and service so you will have many opportunities to get involved on campus and within our community. There are multiple offices dedicated to help with all things surrounding social life on campus, including faith and service, community groups, clubs, and more!

  • Chaplain
  • Center for Student Development
    You'll be working closely with the folks at the CSD once you're on campus, especially our Director of Community Engagement and Reconciliation, Broderick Thomas. They'll help with the transition into college life, the freshman experience, tutoring, and a whole lot more. Be friends with them - they'll help you your whole college experience and they're great people!
  • Counseling Center
  • LINK Freshman Class - "Life, Calling & Purpose"
    LINK is an introductory class that welcomes freshmen to the Trevecca community and encourages them to challenge their worldview, know themselves better and easily transition into college life. LINK is an experience that will provide direction in the lives of freshmen and transcend to influence their direction as they forge their way through life. The class is run by Trevecca staff and college students, also known as peer mentors, who meet twice every week during the fall semester. Peer Mentors begin from Day 1; helping freshmen into their dorms on Move-In Day and serve as confidants by giving advice for the steps that should be taken to easily transition into college life. 
    Remember that teachers are your best friends. They love getting to know you and encourage you to surpass your limits in whatever area you major in.”​ 
  • Social Clubs & Organizations
    These are a great way to get to know students and be directly involved with what you’re passionate about!  Try to get involved as much as you can to campus life. There are many clubs and activities that will help you de-stress and help you make friends. Some clubs like SGA offer scholarships for leadership positions. Trevecca is a diverse community, so do not be afraid to be yourself and be proud of your culture! 


Trevecca has food options for everyone -- just be careful not to eat all the time…the "Freshman 15" is a real thing! Plus, Nashville has many other places to eat at if you know where to go!


This is an interactive map of Trevecca's campus that will allow you to know more about each building, and know more of where it is so you're not (totally) lost when you arrive on campus!


Lastly, you'll be joining an amazing and growing city! Your parents may enjoy visiting a few of popular landmarks and restaurants that Nashville has to offer while you're busy on campus. Have them check out these sites and then you have the whole year to see them too!

"Expect the crazy Nashville weather, wild squirrels that jump out of nowhere on campus, the typical southern accent, Trojan Idol, Paint-A-Palooza, concerts and various fun Nashville activities and places, and the limits humanity reaches during finals week. Yarida Urbina, Honduras